Enidine AR-restor hydraulic Buffer

Posted in WEAPONS on November 27th, 2005 by M M

The Enidine AR-15 AR-restorâ„¢ Hydralic Recoil Buffer is a drop-in replacement for the standard M4 buffer. Enidine Inc is a company that has offered energy absoprtion and vibration isolation solutions to industrial, aerospace, rail and other market for over 30 years. They have applied their expertise in the defense industry, with their products used in gun mounts, missile systems, land vehicles and aircraft, so it’s no surprise that they entered the small-arms arena and introduced their AR-restor. The AR-restor is distributed (and available) from Buffer Technologies. The aim of the AR-restor is to slow or cushion the impact that the rear of the buffer has on the back of the buffer tube when the bolt carrier is traveling rearward after a shot is fired. Spreading the impluse over a greater duration results in a reduction in felt recoil and shock to the weapon. This can lead to quicker follow-up shots and a reduction in cyclic rate for automatic weapons.


i-SHOT/S.E.R.T. System Tac Carbine Case

Posted in AR, WEAPONS on November 27th, 2005 by M M

The i-SHOT/S.E.R.T. System Tac Carbine Case (TCC) looks to be a standard two-compartment rifle case at first glance, but it’s in the details that sets it apart from other cases currently available. Constructed of 1000D Cordura throughout, the quality is evident in the workmanship and construction. Shown below is the 36″ case (the smallest size – it’s also available in 42″ and 46″ lengths). The TCC has two compartments, a main one (36″x12″x3″) that can hold weapons up to 36″ in length, and an outer compartment (31.5″x9.5″x2″) that can hold a shorter weapon or accessories (all dimensions are approximate, measured seam to seam).
The carry handle is made of 2″ wide webbing and wraps under the bottom of the case. The heavy-duty YKK#10 metal zippers are lockable. On the rear of the case are two metal attach points for the adjustable 2″ wide shoulder strap.


EMDOM USA CQB Pistol and M4 pouches

Posted in EQUIPMENT on November 15th, 2005 by M M

EMDOM’s new double 1911 CQB pouch makes perfect sense to me for a pistol mag pouch to fit two 1911 mags as singles take up so much space on a vest or belt. With this one, you use half the space and half the pouches as single .45 mag pouches. Why this isn’t an industry standard, I don’t know – all it required was a relatively simple resize of the pouch. The EMDOM CQB Pistol Pouch will also fit and hold securely any double stack pistol mag pouch (I’ve tried M9, Sig P226, Para .45, Glock mags etc), as well has flashlights and multi-tools. The lid is fully adjustable to accomodate almost any pistol magazine. It can also be tucked behind the mags or rear of the pouch (See the EMDOM page for a LOT more photos and details) so it’s out of the way, or just removed completely.