TAC-PACK emergency trauma kit

Posted in EQUIPMENT on May 31st, 2006 by M M

The single-use TAC-PACK from Traumapacks.com was designed by a leading trauma surgeon in NYC for a government agency as a trauma management kit small enough to be worn with a suit yet still capable of providing what is needed for treating ballistic trauma. It’s meant to be used to minimize blood loss until the victim can be taken to the nearest trauma center, not keep someone alive out in the field for an extended period. Out of the many blowout kits available, this one is actually small enough to be an everyday carry item, as the contents are vacuum packed for the smallest possible package.

The Standard TAC-PACK contains (refer to the photo on militarymorons.com):
1. Protective gloves
2. 5″ x 9″ ABD (abdominal) Pad
3. 2 3/8″ x 2 3/4″ Tegaderm transparent dressing.
4. Kimberly Clark N95 respirator mask (more info here)
5. 4″ x 3″ gauze/cover sponge
6. 4″ x 4.1 yds stretch bandage (roll)
7. 1″ and 2″ tape (12″ each)

Note that the “Advanced” TAC-PACK contains the above items plus an angiocatheter and tourniquet.


Modified Safariland 6004

Posted in EQUIPMENT, MISCELLANEOUS on May 24th, 2006 by M M

I’ve received quite a few emails inquiring about the standard Safariland 6004 for a Kimber Warrior/TLE/RL with Surefire X200 that I modified to single strap use.

The only reason I wear a drop holster is to clear my vest as my torso’s too short to have any clearance between a belt holster and the bottom of any vest I wear. I dislike having a drop holster sit all the way down on the thigh especially when running or moving around – the lower down they’re mounted, the more flopping there is.

I’m not the first to modify my 6004 this way, others have done it, and in fact I was inspired by my buddy Diz, after seeing pics of what he did to his. Trimming the thigh panel to convert the 6004 to single-strap use isn’t absolutely necessary – you can remove the upper strap and just wear it higher. However, it’s not as comfortable as having the corners trimmed, so that’s what I did.


Warren Tactical Series pistol sights

Posted in EQUIPMENT, WEAPONS on May 18th, 2006 by M M

From Warren Tactical Series come the sights shown below. There isn’t much info on the website at the moment, but there’s more info at i-SHOT, were they’re also available. i-SHOT hasn’t been able to keep them in stock for long due to their growing popularity. Scott Warren is the ‘winningest shooter in IDPA history’, as well as an FBI firearms instructor for the elite HRT (Hostage Rescue Team). This particular set for the Glock consists of a Warren Tactical plain rear sight and Trijicon front with white outline green dot.

The patented Warren Tactical rear sight is devoid of serrations or sharp edges, and has a U-shaped notch. It has a matte, non-glare finish. The unique feature of this sight is the removal of metal on the outside edges. Instead of the normal rear sight which is flat all the way across, the corners have been “scalloped” off. This was done to allow the shooter to see more of the target or threat. The shape also draws the eye to the center of the sight. The low profile and rounding off the corners make them less likely to snag, and more friendly for concealed carry.


New section added – “What’s that?”

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I don’t write a review or feature every single item I have/use – not enough time, inclination or incentive. But often, visitors will notice something in photos on the site that’s not mentioned in that section, and ask ‘Dude, what’s that?’. I also modify or tinker with gear, and people will write and ask me “How did you mod that?”. So, I’ve created this section to help answer some of those questions which are asked most freqently, and share to add any tips I might discover.

Suspenders slipping off shoulders

5/16/05 – I designed the HSGI HSLD suspenders along with Gene from High Speed Gear, Inc., and while they work well, I don’t have square shoulders, and I know others have encountered the same issue before with suspender straps slipping off shoulders if the strap tension is relieved or during movement. As they come, the X in the back where the two straps cross are held together by a black plastic triangle. Since everyone has different shoulder widths or heights, Gene could not ‘fix’ the location of the X, hence the triangle which allows the straps to slide and adjust. However, the tendency is for the X to end up low in the back, and the straps end up wide apart at the top. The solution is to figure out where you want that X to end up (usually a bit higher in the back), have someone mark it for you, and sew it in place. This is easily done by hand. The triangle can be installed back over it if desired. Another thing I found helpful was to put some squiggles of hot glue on the inside of the strap where it goes over my shoulder. The rubbery squiggles provide more grip on the shoulder and helps prevent it from slipping. Shoe goo would work, or any other rubbery-type glue.


TLR-1 and X200 comparison

Posted in WEAPONS on May 15th, 2006 by M M

Streamlight’s TLR-1 debuted just before the SHOT show 2006 and was seen in quite a few booths mounted on railed pistols. Sized a bit smaller than their M3 series, but slightly larger than SureFire’s X200, its retail price is less than half that of the X200, making it very attractive to those who wanted an X200-type LED light, but balked at the price. I won’t bother with the technical specs of the TLR-1; you can read them on the Streamlight website here. I’ll just go over some general features that might help people make up their minds about which one to get – X200 or TLR-1?

The TLR-1 is slightly heavier, and as I mentioned before, slightly larger than the X200. Some vendors had mentioned that it’d fit holsters meant for the X200, but I found this to be not the case. The TLR-1 will not fit my Safariland 6004 meant for the X200. It’ll fit rigid holsters sized for the M3, and soft nylon ones meant for railed pistols. That kind of pissed me off because I was hoping to use it in my 6004. Now, I can’t, and I’m not going to buy another holster just to fit it.