BFG/Vickers Combat Application Sling

Posted in Access, AR, WEAPONS on June 20th, 2006 by M M

BlueForceGear has teamed up with Larry Vickers to produce his VCAS (Vickers Combat Applications Sling). I’ve been through a lot of slings over the years (as evidenced by those featured here on this page), and finally ditched all of them in favour of my home-made strap when using a rig as there was no sling to get in the way. Maybe part of the problem is that there are many slings out there to meet different needs, but my particular needs as a civilian shooter are pretty basic. Nothing high speed, no life-or-death situations. Just playing on a range. So for the most part, I’ve turned down most sling reviews that have come my way, simply because I didn’t think they were different enough from what I already had on the site, or I wasn’t going to use it in the way intended.

However, the introduction of the VCAS caused quite a buzz in the shooting circles, partly due to Larry’s respected reputation, and the common knowledge that BlueForceGear offers quality and innovative sling systems. I felt that it was different enough from other 2-point slings that it merited examination. None of the 2-pt slings I’d used had quick-adjust capability.


“Thank You!” from Mrs. Militarymoron

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Hello everyone, this is Mrs. Militarymoron and blog-keeper for, MM’s Official Blog.

Over the years, MM has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy into his reviews, photography and the MM website. I have seen MM spend thousands of hours painstakingly writing and composing each image on his website. He even recruited me into taking the pictures where he has to be in the photo to illustrate the gear!

Hotlinking and plagiarism have always been the bane of a free internet, and given the quality and detail of MM’s reviews and photography, I knew there would be situations where unscrupulous or ignorant people would take MM’s pictures and even whole reviews and paste them elsewhere, including selling products on eBay.

THANKYOU.gif What I didn’t anticipate, and very much appreciate, is how many of MM’s visitors and circle of friends continue to look out for him. Every time when MM tells me how someone alerts him to plagiarism, image theft or hotlinking, I appreciate the person who is helping my husband protect his intellectual property and honoring the time he had spent in this labor of love.

THANK YOU for looking out for MM and the website! You are why MM continues to provide as much free information as he does ­čÖé

Kifaru’s newest pack – the ZXR

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(Initial review – features) – Ever since the versatile Zulu was introduced more than two years ago (as of this writing), customers have been asking/hinting for a larger version of the Zulu pack with an upgraded suspension for carrying heavier and larger loads. At the 2006 SHOT show, Kifaru announced the new ZXR (Zulu Extreme Ruck), which gave the masses what they had been clamoring for. Since the design and inspiration evolved directly from the Zulu, Kifaru went with the ‘ZXR’ instead of giving it an entirely new name. It’s finally available and well worth the wait.

Overall Specs – Kifaru combined key features from the Zulu, Pointman and EMR into the ZXR. Capacity of the bag itself is 3800 c.i., 1000 c.i. more than the Zulu, and 400 c.i. less than the MMR (the next top loader up). It weighs in at 6 lbs 13 oz. It has top access via the storm collar opening and a Pointman-style bottom lid with zippered access. The ZXR is available with the new XTL (Extreme Top Lid), or the standard Zulu top lid. It’s constructed of 1000d Cordura fabric and is available in 2 standard (coyote, OD) and 5 specialty colours (woodland, MultiCam, UCP, desert tiger stripe and black). ITW-Nexus Ghillietex plastic and metal hardware is used throughout, except for the shoulder strap buckles which are from ACW.


Kifaru pack setup and adjustment guide

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Proper pack setup can make a world of difference in comfort. To new Kifaru users, how the different straps and possible adjustments are supposed to be used and set up can be quite a mystery; they were to me when I got my first Kifaru pack. Using the adjustments the way they were designed can make a world of difference in how comfortable the load is carried. When I got my first Kifaru pack years ago, I asked Mel Terkla what the recommended way of setting up the Kifaru packs was, and his preferred sequence of donning the packs. Since then, I’ve seen many customers ask the same questions, so I decided to put together this little guide, based on Mel’s recommendations and guidance.

Everyone has a different physique – tall, short, thin, fat etc, and Kifaru also has different suspension systems. Getting the pack set up right (for you) will require tweaking, and miles under the belt to figure out what works best. It’s also based partly on personal preference. But following the recommended initial setup will get you started in the right direction.


TADgear F.A.S.T. pack Alpha Gen II

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Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear) has introduced the second generation (Gen II) of their F.A.S.T. Pack Alpha Model reviewed above. If you haven’t already read the review on the Gen I pack, please read it first, as I’ll be focusing on the changes instead of reiterating the writeup above. If I didn’t mention it here as a difference, you can assume that the Gen II shares the spec as the Gen I. Also, do visit the link to TADGear’s F.A.S.T pack page for lots more detailed photos. The Gen II is not made by MAXPEDITION, and quality/workmanship looks to be on par with the Gen I product.

Overall design and features – The Gen II F.A.S.T. pack at first glance, looks almost exactly like the Gen I. But looks can be deceiving as quite a lot has changed in the details. Overall, the Gen II retains the same capacity, profile and look of the Gen I. It’s still offered in black or OD green and constructed of 1000D Cordura nylon. It’s not as stiff (some might prefer that), but is more heavily coated on the inside with waterproofing. This results in a slightly abrasive coating, which is most noticeable when shoving your hand down inside the pack or pockets, but not really much of an issue. I’d like it to be a bit smoother, of course.

The OD green of the Gen II is slightly ‘grayer’ than the Gen I, and the material is different as well. Accurate colour representation is very difficult on a computer screen. In the studio-lit photos, the webbing looks a lot greener than it really is. There’s actually less contrast between the webbing and pack material than the studio photos show. The photo right below was taken under natural light, with the Gen I on the left and Gen II on the right, and is a more accurate representation of the actual colours.


Endom Baby Shingle

Posted in Emdom, EQUIPMENT on June 5th, 2006 by M M

Finally, one of my favourite new little pouches is finally in production.

The Baby Utili-shingle Pocket is a half-sized small shingle that you’ll keep finding new uses for. It measures 5.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″ and fits where larger pockets won’t. It can straddle 3 or 4 channels of PALS, due to the spacing of the molle grid on the back. Small malice clips can be used, or the two web straps with snaps which are supplied. Once you get the hand of the strap, they’re pretty easy to use, and don’t protrude out the bottom like malice clips.

The pocket opens via the double zipper pulls on top, and inside is a dummy cord loop for securing contents. On each side of the pocket are two rows of PALS, for attaching a single-column pouch, grimloc biner, or for more dummy cording. I’ve had a prototype for a few months prior to the production version coming out, and used it on my Kifaru pack waist belts.