Arc AAA LED light

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Illumination on July 30th, 2006 by M M

The diminutive Arc-AAA light from Arc Flashlight is small enough to carry on your person every day, but is amazingly bright for a light of its size. At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss it as another little keychain light like the Maglite Solitaire AAA light I used to carry with my keys years ago. But closer examination reveals that this is not your common, cheap mini-LED light, but more of a miniaturized version of a higher end light, like a SureFire. It measures only 2.7″ long and 0.5″ in diameter, and weighs less than an ounce. Not much larger than a .308 round, it’ll fit almost anywhere unnoticed. I’ve been wearing it on my work ID badge that hangs from a cord around my neck. It was designed to be carried every day – a flashlight isn’t much use in emergencies when you don’t have it on you. If you’re in the habit of carrying a tactical light on your belt, the Arc is a perfect backup.

The Arc is machined out of 6061aluminum and grey Type III hard-anodized (an attractive colour I prefer to black) for corrosion resistance and durability. When I slid the metal pocket clip off the body, it was tight and I cringed as I expected it to leave a silver trail of worn-off anoziding, like it would on cheaper lights. Not a mark, even after I removed and replaced the clip quite a few times. The body and bezel are lightly knurled, enough to provide a firm, non-slip grip but not aggressive enough to be abrasive to harm what it comes into contact with. The end of the body has a hole for split-ring attachment (included) or dummy cord. The metal pocket clip can be used both ways (face it backwards and clip it to the brim of a cap for hands-free use), and is strong enough to keep the Arc in place under normal use. The gold-tinted coat on the interior of the body is Chemkote for corrosion resistance.


ITW Web Dominator Clip

Posted in MISCELLANEOUS on July 25th, 2006 by M M

Shown below are some more ITW Ghillietex plastic hardware, both in tan and foliage green. Relatively new is the Web Dominator Clip to help with strap management. It installs onto 1″ webbing, and has an elastic shock cord keeper. The loose end of the strap is rolled up and the keeper stretched over it. It’s simple and quick to use and keeps those loose straps tidy. Contact your regular ITW hardware dealers for availability.


Gear Sector ASP-V sling

Posted in Access, AR, WEAPONS on July 24th, 2006 by M M

The ASP-V sling from Gear Sector is a strap that attaches directly to a rig, eliminating the single-point sling loop that goes over your head and around your torso. Gear Sector makes excellent single point slings out of 1″ tubular webbing, and this new ASP-V is constructed in the same bomb-proof manner. I’ve been using my home-made designed sling of this style for a while and prefer it over conventional single point slings because it doesn’t get in the way of access to pouches, there’s no loop around the torso to contend with, get twisted or rub your neck. I also prefer the weight distribution of a rig-mounted strap vs. a single point around the body. The ASP-V is compatible with all of Gear Sectors auxiliary stubs, which connect the sling to the weapon. The stub has a male fastex buckle, and is installed on the receiver sling loop. The attachment loop attaches to your rig – it can be to a D-ring, or looped around the shoulder strap.


Vltor Ambi sling endplates

Posted in Access, AR, WEAPONS on July 22nd, 2006 by M M

Vltor Weapon Systems has introduced their Single Attachment Sling Endplates. Constructed out of steel and available in two models: SASE-1 to fit slings up to 1.25″ wide, and SASE-2 for HK-style snap hooks, the Vltor SASEs are compact and well designed – something I’ve come to expect from Eric at Vltor. What sets Vltor’s endplates apart from the competition is that they’re ambidextrous without having loops on either side. Eric designed them to be reversible (yes, the attractive logo is on both sides) with a removable stud, which installs on either side of the plate. This stud interfaces with the corresponding hole in the rear of the AR receiver. Each SASE comes with a plate, stud, screw and 3/32 hex wrench. Installation requires the castle nut be loosened and the buffer tube removed. It only takes a few minutes for someone familiar with the process. Smart idea and nicely done.


LaRue Tactical Aimpoint and ACOG Mounts

Posted in AR, Optics, WEAPONS on July 22nd, 2006 by M M

This is old news now to those that have been paying any more than cursory attention to the firearms industry over the past couple of years – LaRue Tactical in Leander, Texas has garnered the reputatution as the tactical mounting system to get, for professional and civilian users alike.

Mark LaRue and his team have developed a strong following, both for their customer service and quality/design of their products. This writeup is long overdue, as I hadn’t had the need to replace the existing mounts I’d had for a few years (they worked, but were not optimal), but after a correspondence with Mark LaRue, we agreed that it was time. I chose to update my Aimpoint Comp and Trijicon ACOG mounts.


County Comm EOD Utility bag now in OD

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Packs on July 8th, 2006 by M M

The EOD Utility bag is now available in OD Green and Black (OD shown here). Same model as the Desert Sage one reviewed above.

Usage update – I’ve been using the EOD bag almost daily to and from the office for the past 4 months, as I have very minimal needs. I found that the shoulder strap would sometimes get twisted, as the plastic snap hook is able to rotate. I injected some hot glue around the head of the snap hook, where it inserts into the strap loop, to prevent it from rotating and that worked well for me. I replaced also the black cotton zipper pulls with 550 cord. Since gas prices jumped through the roof, I’ve been riding my motorcycle to work at least three times a week and leaving the car at home.