MI Front sling adaptors

Posted in Access, AR on August 30th, 2006 by M M

Midwest Industries, Inc. offers quite a few different sling mounting solutions for the AR platform, and shown here are some of their front sling adaptors. They’re manufactured out of 6061aluminum and hard-coat anodized black.

The renewed interest in two-point slings with the introduction of BFG’s VCAS (below) has added to the demand for rail-mounted sling adapters. I’ve always preferred a side-rail mounted adapter instead of the front sight mounted sling swivel (either on the side or at the bottom), as a forward attach point for a 3 point or 2 point sling. For one, the sling doesn’t need to be as long. Additionally, I find it easier to manipulate and manoeuvre the rifle when the forward portion of the sling is attached to the rear or middle of the rail. All the MI adaptors attach to the rail with an allen-head screw.


TAD Gear Life Capsule, Tactical

Posted in EQUIPMENT on August 26th, 2006 by M M

Another unique offering from Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear), is the Life Capsule, Tactical. It’s meant to be worn on your person as a last-ditch, bomb-proof container for a few survival essentials when you’ve run out of everything else.

The LCT consists of three main components – a body and two end caps. Overall length when assembled is 4.25″ with a diameter of 0.88″. It’s machined out of 6061T6 aluminum and Type III hard anodized in a AR-type matte grey.

The body is knurled on the outside for a secure grip. The inside of the body is divided into two compartments. The primary compartment is 2.6″ deep with an inside diameter of about .575″. Endcap 1 has a lanyard hole and adds no additional volume to the compartment. The lanyard hole is sized for 550 cord.


Vltor Modular Upper Receiver

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on August 18th, 2006 by M M

When Vltor Weapons Systems debuted their VIS (Versatile Interface Structure) upper receiver/rail system at the 2006 SHOT Show, people also asked “since the VIS is made of a billet receiver joined with a rail, are you going to offer the new receiver by itself?”. That made a lot of sense to Vltor to offer the receiver by itself, and here it is: the MUR (Modular Upper Receiver).

The MUR the receiver-only portion of the VIS. The only difference is in the material used. The MUR is machined from a billet of 7075-T6 aluminum whereas the VIS is 6061, as 7075 cannot be salt-brazed. It’s hard coat anodized and dry film lubed on the inside.

The MUR is available in two versions – the 1A (bolt Assist model) and the 1S (Shell deflector model). A cutout in the right side of the receiver accepts either a shell deflector insert, or forward-assist/deflector insert, which give the MUR its ‘Modular’ name. However, the inserts are not meant to be switched out by the user, as improper assembly can cause damage to the receiver.


EOD Robotics Pocket Grappling Hook

Posted in EQUIPMENT on August 17th, 2006 by M M

The EOD Robotics Pocket Grappling Hook offered by County Comm was designed for military EOD as a compact, lightweight grappling hook to snag trip wires or command detonation wires on IEDs.

The PGH is machined out of T6061 and is Mil-spec Type II anodized in a black finish. Overall length with cap is 5.5″ and the tube diameter is about .85″. The cap diameter is 1″. It weighs 5 oz.

The PGH body is hollow, and stores the three 303 stainless steel spikes. It’s open at one end, and solid at the other. A foam spacer at the bottom of the tube helps prevent the spikes from rattling inside. The compartment dimensions are about 3.5″ deep and .625″ in diameter, and will accomodate any small emergency items without the spikes. The cap has an o-ring to keep the compartment water resistant.


Gemtech TRL in Foliage Green

Posted in WEAPONS on August 12th, 2006 by M M

Now available in Foliage Green to match the Army ACU colours. Note: The TRL can now be found by NSN8465-01-522-5352 (which applies to the coyote coloured one), but the black or foliage green one can be ordered on the same NSN if the colour is specified.

Eagle FSBE II Patrol Pack

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Packs on August 12th, 2006 by M M

The Eagle Industries FSBE II Patrol Pack (PP) is a small modular patrol/assault pack from the FSBE II kit.

Overall design and features – It’s designed as a very simple, lightweight day pack with about 1570 cu.in. of internal capacity. PALS webbing on the outside of the pack allow for attachment of molle-compatible pouches. A rear compartment is designed to carry a ballistic plate. Overall seam-to-seam dimensions I measured are as follows: max height 18″. Max width at bottom 14″. Max depth (including main compartment front ‘extension’) 10″.

Body -The PP has a main compartment zipper which extends about halfway down each side. There are four short horizontal compression straps – two on each side. On top of the pack are two radio antenna openings, each covered by a web flap secured by a snap. They can also function as hydration hose ports if a hydration bladder is hung inside the pack. The outside is devoid of external pockets or compartments, but has ample PALS webbing for additions. On the front of the main flap are five rows of PALS webbing. The top row is 4 columns across while the others are 6 rows across. On the sides are three rows of PALS; the bottom two 3 columns wide and the top one 4. On the front of the pack is what looks like an external pocket. It’s not; it’s the bottom access flap. It extends from the main body, adding some extra volume. It has 3 rows of PALS, 4 wide on top, and 6 columns across for the bottom two. The very bottom of the pack has 3 rows x 6 columns of PALS which can be used for attaching pouches or lash points. The bottom also has four grommets for drainage.


Eagle TREC-W/P rolling equipment bag

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Packs on August 8th, 2006 by M M

The Eagle Industries Travel Rolling Equipment Cargo bag – with pockets (TREC-W/P), as its name describes, is a large rolling equipment bag. Okay, it’s a huge rolling equipment bag. The concept of duffles or rolling luggage isn’t anything new. Most duffles are simple huge ‘bags’ with a minimum of pockets (if any). Over the past couple of years, the ‘loadout’ or ‘deployment’ bag has entered the scene, evolving from the simple duffle into something offering more organization and versatility. With body armour and sometimes the need to transport weapons, these loadout bags can become very heavy and unwieldy. Eagle’s combined the loadout bag and rolling luggage concept into a package that makes hauling tactical gear around a whole lot easier. Besides being used for hauling gear and weapons, I can also see it being used for more mundane roles as a road trip bag for me and the wife to consolidate all our luggage into one.


Eagle Chest rig (SKD all- MOLLE version) and ESSTAC ‘Toaster’ mag pouch

Posted in 2nd Line, EQUIPMENT on August 6th, 2006 by M M

This is more of a suppliment than a full writeup to the Eagle Industries Universal Chest Rig, SKD MOLLE version, shown above. SKD Tactical is offering an all-molle version of the UCR platform. It’s not a standard Eagle offering, but exclusive to SKD. The molle version shares the same 12.5″ x 7″ panel and shoulders straps as the UCR and has the same internal compartment in the center and mesh pocket in the rear (refer to the writeup above for details). The only difference is that it has no sewn-on pockets, but a PALS grid of 14 channels x 4 rows so the user can configure the chest rig with his own pouches. It’s a simple, low-profile platform that isn’t too bulky to be worn over body armour. I’ve shown it below with the Esstac Toaster pouch and EMDOM 6o4 pistol mag pouch.


TAD Gear Ranger Eyes

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Illumination on August 5th, 2006 by M M

These are TAD Gear’s Ranger Eyes; cool little glow-in-the-dark skulls that can be used the same way luminous tape is used on USGI helmet bands with cat eyes – for identification at night.

The Ranger eyes are 0.75″ X 0.64″, and molded out of flexible PVC. The black base has hook velcro sewn onto the back, with the luminous TAD “Terminator Skull” logo molded as part of the base. They can be attached anywhere you’ve got loop velcro – packs, shoulders, caps, helmets etc. If you want to have the ability to hide them without having to take them on and off every time, an option is to get one of EMDOM USA’s ID Marker Panels (shown in the bottom right photo). It has two little velcro panels that fold down or up to show or hide whatever ID patch you put on the panels.


EMDOM USA Recon Waist Pack

Posted in Emdom, EQUIPMENT on August 2nd, 2006 by M M

Recon Waist Pack – I’ve been using a prototype version of this waist pack since late last year. In fact, some of you noticed it sneak into some of my photos (see below) in other reviews and inquired about it. Well, it’s finally in production. Sure, there are other waist packs out there, but in true EMDOM fashion, the Recon Waist pack has a few more features/details that set it apart from the rest.

Overall profile is of a wedge from the side, and upside-down trapezoid from the front, instead of a rectangular blocky shape. Worn in front, in the back or on the side, it’s a relatively streamlined shape. It’s more roomy than it looks. The pack body is 10″ at its widest point at the top, and 7″ tall. It’s 4″ deep at it’s deepest point at the top of the wedge. The zippered access main compartment has an elastic top mesh pocket on the inside for organization, and 550 cord loops for dummy cords. On the back of the pack is another zippered compartment, about 7″ x 3.5″ in size. This is useful for flatter items. On the front of the body is an external pouch, approx 6″ x 4″ x 1.5″ in size. Both the main compartment and front pouch have drain grommets at the bottom. All zippers have 550-cord pulls.