SKD Tac MultiCam BDUs

Posted in GEAR on September 30th, 2006 by M M

Ever since Crye Precision came out with their Field Uniform a couple of years ago, there has been a demand for an alternative (due to either pricing or availability of the Crye products) MultiCam uniform. Some didn’t want the extra features that the Crye Field Uniform offered, and complained that the prices was too high. What they didn’t take into account is how expensive it is to have clothing made in the U.S., and in relatively small quantities when compared to a govt contract BDU manufacturer and widely used patterns. Since then, some other companies have produced MultiCam BDUs with various features (some better than others), but there’s very little difference in price between them and Crye’s.


ZT knives ZT0200

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KAI USA Ltd., the company that manufacturers Kershaw Knives, introduced a new line of knives at the 2006 SHOT show back in January. The new line of “professional-grade duty-ready knives” is called ‘ZT’, or Zero Tolerance, and is aimed at the tactical/military/LE market. ZT collaborated with well known knife designers and manufacturers Ken Onion and Strider to produce knives that are “Zero Tolerance in design, Zero Tolerance in function and Zero Tolerance in performance”, hence the name.

TAD Gear carries the full ZT line, and featured here is the Ken Onion-designed ZT0200ST (partially serrated model) folder. Here’s a summary of the main features/specs:


Petzl TacTikka XP ADAPT

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TacTikka XP ADAPT – The TacTikka ADAPT (and ADAPT system) further adds to the versatility of the already excellent Tikka XP headlamp (above). The TacTikka XP Adapt is the same basic headlamp, but with a different back plate. The XP ADAPT comes with the XP headlamp, an elastic headstrap that now has an additional ‘over-the-head’ strap, a clip and universal helmet adapter.

The ADAPT system backplate replaces the standard plate on the XP. The ADAPT plate has a slot which slides over a round ‘stud’ on the ADAPT interface on the headband, clip and helmet adaptors. It clicks in place, and is removed by pulling the small lever forward while sliding it back off. The lamp can be rotated completely around, and the stud has 12 detents, which lock the light in place at 12 different positions. The rotation, combined with the angle/pivot, allows the lamp to be aimed in most directions. The ADAPT plate easily replaces the standard plate and other Tikka or XP lamps can be retrofitted with the ADAPT kit.


LaRue Tactical RAS II Aimpoint mount

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Aimpoint RAS II Mount LT152 – The LT152 Comp M RAS II mount was designed to be used on top of the ‘hump’ of the KAC RAS II, to put it at the proper height for co-witnessing the irons. The LT152 is 0.5″ shorter than the standard LT150 as the photo below illustrates. Same basic design – a single ring on the QD base. However, due to the reduced height, there is no spare battery compartment in the bottom of the base like on the LT150.


TAD Gear Titanium spork

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Another neat item from TAD Gear for the everyday adventurer is their Folding Titanium Spork. It’s made out of CP (Commercially Pure) Titanium for light weight, strength and corrosion resistance. Folded, it’s 3.625″ long, and 6.25″ open. The mechanism is very much like that of a non-locking folding knife. The handle is comprised of two ‘scales’ approximately .030″ thick which sandwich the ‘blade’ (spork end) and the backspring. The backspring provides tension on the spork when it rotates and ‘locks’ it in the open and closed positions. A pocket clip is secured to the handle with two torx screws. The handle also has a lanyard hole. A subdued TAD Gear logo and the word ‘Titanium’ are laser engraved on the fine matte finish.


SureFire X200B and DG-18 switch

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Surefire’s X200B followed their X200A (above) about a year after the A model was introduced, some time in 2005. Some changes were made to the original A model, which the B shown here incorporates. Look at the above writeup to see the early/original X200A without the changes.
The changes common to current A and B models are:

* Battery cover contacts changed to spring type for better contact – I haven’t had a problem with the older leaf-spring style battery contacts on the A model I have, but I can see that there’s a possibilty that the springs could ‘flatten’ out after a while and provide less pressure on the battery.

* Battery cover retaining pin added – A small clip that inserts into a small hole behind the battery cover release button prevents it from disengaging accidentally.


LaRue Tactical Dr Optic/J-Point attachment

Posted in AR, Optics, WEAPONS on September 10th, 2006 by M M

J-Point/Dr Optics Attachment and 1″ ring inserts – The J-Point/Dr Optics Attachment (LT137) enables the user to mount a J-Point or Dr Optic mini-red dot sight alongside a scope. This provides a close-quarter optic if a target of opportunity pops up and is too close to use a magnified optic on, if there’s no time to dial down the magnification on your scope or if you’ve got a fixed-power scope like a 10X.

The LT-137 is a platform machined on the side of a LaRue 30mm ring (it’s only compatible with LaRue bases). The platform is reversible for the J-Point (or Optima), and the Dr Optic, which have different footprints, and is attached to the ring with two Phillips screws. There are short index posts which interface with the holes in the base of the optics, and help keep the optic aligned and repeatable when removed for battery changes.


MI MCTAR-22 rail

Posted in AR, Uppers on September 4th, 2006 by M M

I had an early (maybe 10 years old?) Bushmaster V-match upper that I had almost forgotten about and thought needed updating. The receiver wasn’t even a real flattop – it had a weaver mount screwed onto the top of the upper receiver with the carry handle machined off. The round aluminum FF tube also looked outdated and was limited in what I could attach to it. I had a spare flattop receiver sitting around, and looked at my options for a rifle-length free float rail.

I didn’t want KAC or Troy Industries as I already have uppers with those products, so I decided to give the Midwest Industries, Inc rail a try as I’d heard good things about them, and am familiar with their well-made sling adapters. MI makes both free float and non-free float forearms in a variety of lengths. The non free float rails simply replace the factory handguards – no alteration to the host weapon needed. The free float forearms require that the delta ring be removed. This can be done by dremeling it off without having to remove the front sight base. The V-match had no delta ring, so I had to take off the front sight base anyway.


LaRue Tactical SPR-S mount

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SPR-S Mount – The SPR-S mount (LT158) is a one-piece base mount that’s basically the same as Larue’s SPR/M4 mount, but .080″ lower to place the centerline of 34mm rings 1.5″ above the rail when it is not necessary for the eyepiece of the optic to clear a rear backup iron sight. With 30mm rings, the scope is centered 1.41″ above the rail. It’s available with 34mm, 30mm and 1″ rings.

Overall length of the mount is 5.85″, including the cantilever extension in front. The rings are set forward so that the proper eye relief can be obtained when mounting a scope on an M4 or similar weapon. The base of the mount that grabs the rail is about 4″ long.