‘The Modern Warrior’ picture

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Here’s a ‘motivational’ poster I put together for the modern day Warrior to illustrate that the Warrior Mindset remains the same, although the tools of the trade may change through the ages. Feel free to download it for personal use.

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Daniel Defense 12.0 Rail

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Daniel Defense, Inc. is the Savannah, Georgia manufacturer of parts and accessories for the AR15 and AR10 weapons systems. DD is well known for many of their products, including the Burnsed Loop receiver end plate for sling attachments and also their handguard/rail systems, some of which are the lightest available at the time of this writing. There are currently two variants of DD free float rails; the M4 Rails which attach using the ‘Thread Ring Mounting System’, and the Lite rails which utilize the patent pending ‘Bolt Up’ system. Shown here is the Lite Rail 12.0, which as the name implies is a 12″ rifle length rail. It’s the lightest free float rail with a steel barrel nut, weighing 14.0 oz complete (rail and mounting components).

DD rail handguards are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with a black Mil-Spec type III hard anodize. Indexing marks/’T-numbers’ are laser engraved on all the Mil-Spec 1913 rails. The quality of machining and finishing is top notch. Width across the rails is approx 2″ and height is 2.4″. The handguard is symmetrical in cross section, with the top and bottom rails the same height/distance from the boreline. The Lite 12.0 is heavily ventilated with lightening holes, to which the light weight can partly be attributed to. A sleeve which provides the six-bolt interface fits into the rear of the rail and is welded in place. The rail free floats off the barrel nut. Since the bolt-up system doesn’t utilize a threaded nut to secure the rail to the barrel nut, the top of the rail extends back to the receiver, for an uninterrupted/’monolithic’ look.


Crye Precision R6 Field Uniform

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Crye Precision R6 Field Shirt and Field Pants, overview.

Crye has just introduced their R6 Field Shirt and Field Pants in Ripstop MultiCam and Black fabric (Sand to be offered in the near future). Check their website, Crye Precision for availability. While it’s the ‘2nd Generation’ or version that has been offered to the commercial market, it’s actually the sixth revision of the Field Uniform. The others were made for non-commercial customers. Hence the designation ‘R6’ (Revision 6).

First of all, please read the writeup on the Gen 1 Field Shirt and Pants as a ‘refresher’ if you haven’t already. Unless mentioned in this writeup, the R6 shares the same features as the Gen 1 with a few changes.


Vltor M1A/M14 Modstock and CAS-14 rail

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The M14/M1A Modstock (model M1S) from Vltor Weapons Systems is a drop-in replacement stock for the M1A. It offers adjustable length of pull and stock height, plus a pistol-grip configuration.

The M14 Modstock is a modified military/G.I. fiberglass stock, which Vltor modifies and refinishes in black, foliage green or FDE (Flat Dark Earth – shown here). Vltor cuts off the rear portion of the stock, and installs a machined aluminum adaptor. The adaptor comes standard with a TangoDown Battlegrip attached, but any AR-15 grip may be substituted. On each side of the adaptor are female QD sling cups, for attaching a QD sling swivel. A 1-1/4″ QD swivel is included. Vltor now puts a laser-engraved UID code and serial number below the swivel cup on the right side of the adaptor.


LaRue Tactical 7.0 Free Float Handguard

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LaRue Tactical has not only made a name for themselves with their excellent locking-lever mounts, but also their free-float handguard/rail systems. The rails are available in five different lengths (total length of the handguard) – including carbine, midlength, rifle length and some variations. Featured here are the 7.0 (carbine) and 12.0 (rifle) models. The 7.0 weighs 11.2 oz and the 12.0 weighs 16.2 oz.

The handguards are machined from 6061 aluminum extrusions and mil-spec hard coat anodized matte black for a lasting finish. The threaded rear ring portion is machined as a separate piece, then mechanically joined to the handguard part using a proprietary system and also sealed with aerospace adhesive to eliminate the chance of any moisture from flowing between the joints. The first thing I noticed was that they felt slim. Taking some rough measurements, I measured the rails to be 2.0″ across and 2.2″ in height (same as the LMT MRP) – less than all the other rail systems including the KAC RIS and Troy.

I do like the feel of a slimmer handguard as I’ve got small hands and a narrower rail is easier for me to get my hands around, especially with rail panels. There’s always that compromise between radiated heat from a hot barrel and comfort (the closer to the barrel the hotter it can get), but the LaRue handguards are extensively ventilated to allow airflow. The rails have laser engraved “T-numbered” positions, and also the KAC panel ‘cuts’ at each end which enable the KAC panel clip to snap in place.


Crye Precision Boonie Hat

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Crye’s long-awaited (it’s been at least a couple of years since we first saw the prototypes) boonie hat is now available to the masses.

The main features of the Boonie Hat are:
* MultiCam Ripstop (shown here) or Sand 50/50 NYCO fabric. This is Crye’s new ripstop fabric.
* 2.5″ wide brim – just the right width. Provides enough shade without getting in the way.
* Soft-Ventâ„¢ Crown – Instead of metal vents, the Crye Boonie has two ‘Soft-Vents’ on each side, made by overlapping layers of fabric. The layers are not sewn together at the opening, which vents the inside of the crown.

TAD Gear Gen 2 Stealth Softshell Hoodie

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Triple Aught Design’s (TAD Gear) Gen 2 Stealth Softshell Hoodie is the much anticipated evolution of their Gen 1 Softshell featured above. So much so that the ME Green in L and XL were sold out 3 hours after delivery and TAD hopes to do another run of ME Green sometime in the near future. Please read the Gen 1 review first as I’ll be referring to the Gen 1 in comparison as many of the main features are retained.

The first, and probably the most immediately noticeable difference when handling the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Softshells is the new material used, which TAD Gear calls their ‘Rhino-Hide Softshell” textile. The material is DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coated and texturized (visible in the left photo below) with a pique weave, instead of the smooth weave of the Gen 1. By virtue of this pique weave/texture, the DWR is able to ‘bite down’ and adhere into the valleys of the weave and will physically abrade off less than the peaks or high points This gives it better, longer-lasting water repellancy than the flat weave of the Schoeller and Malden materials. It’s also more abrasion resistant than the Gen 1 fabric and drapes like ‘light canvas’.



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The Rollypoly is now available in Army UCP (Universal Camo Pattern) to match current issue gear.

Click on these links – and when prompted use the following username and password:
username: mm
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Image 1 – username and password are both mm

Image 2 – username and password are both mm

Image 3 – username and password are both mm

Zensah Loose Fit Long Sleeve shirt

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The Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt, Loose Fit is the relaxed fit version of the Long Sleeve Tactical Compression Shirt above, for those who prefer a looser garment. Shown below in Coyote Brown. It has a crew neck and the same paneled construction as the compression shirts.

Click on the image to see the full size version!
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County Comm BOB

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The Gen 5 Bail Out Bag (BOB) from County Comm is a small-medium sized bag that was designed for personal gear, or as a last-ditch bail-out bag with some essentials. It’s larger than the EOD Utility bag reviewed below, but not so large as to be overly bulky. It’s made of nylon with YKK zippers throughout, and available in black, coyote and olive green. It’s made overseas, and the savings are passed on to the consumer, which accounts for the very reasonable price of the BOB.

Out – Most of the organization is on the outside. There are no internal pockets in the main compartment. The dimensions (seam to seam) of the main bag body are 13″ x 9-3/4″ x 4″. The handles are made of 2″-wide heavy duty webbing that wraps around the entire bag. A small snap keeper holds the handles together at the top. A 2″ web shoulder strap is removable and attaches to D-rings at each end of the top zipper opening. The shoulder strap hasa removable pad, held on by 3 velcro tabs.