UCP, Black and Foliage Green KitMats

Posted in Access, WEAPONS on April 28th, 2007 by M M

Other coloured KitMats shown below – Black (by request of i-SHOT), Foliage Green and Army UCP. i-SHOT and EMDOM will be offering a mix of the colours, so check both sources for particular ones. All of them have colour-matched zippers, velcro and shock cord. The inside pockets are all grey nylon. These will be in the 2nd shipment and be available soon from EMDOM or i-SHOT. Pre-order from i-SHOT to ensure you get one.


Ops-Core CBRN/Gas Mask extender

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3″ CBRN/Gas Mask Extender – Shown here with the Tan X Head-Loc is the 3″ CBRN/Gas Mask Extender. This installs to the chin strap buckle, adding 3″ of length so a gas mask can be worn with the helmet. I’ve illustrated it here with a Scott M95 mask. I buckled the extender in, adjusted the straps normally, and that’s all it took to acheive a comfortable setup with the mask (as far as wearing a gas mask goes). The extender is easily removed to return the harness to it’s normal configuration.


MM/SERT System C3 case pre-ordering now from i-SHOT!

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The i-SHOT/S.E.R.T. System Tac Carbine Case (TCC) looks to be a standard two-compartment rifle case at first glance, but it’s in the details that sets it apart from other cases currently available. Constructed of 1000D Cordura throughout, the quality is evident in the workmanship and construction. Shown below is the 36″ case (the smallest size – it’s also available in 42″ and 46″ lengths). The TCC has two compartments, a main one (36″x12″x3″) that can hold weapons up to 36″ in length, and an outer compartment (31.5″x9.5″x2″) that can hold a shorter weapon or accessories (all dimensions are approximate, measured seam to seam).

The carry handle is made of 2″ wide webbing and wraps under the bottom of the case. The heavy-duty YKK#10 metal zippers are lockable. On the rear of the case are two metal attach points for the adjustable 2″ wide shoulder strap.


SureFire SRxx Tape switch

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The SRxx Rail Mount Tape Switch is a plug-in tape switch with rail clip that fits the Scout Light, Millennium Universal Weaponlights (or any XM dual tailcap), and the X200 Tape Switch tailcap. The ‘xx’ stands for the length of the cable and plug – the 7″ SR07 is shown below. The SRxx consists of an XM-type metal plug that plugs into the socket in the flashlight tailcap, a length of cable, and the rail clip with switches. The rail clip is made of flexible material and snaps onto any 1913 rail. I think the compound could be hardened up a bit so it’s a bit more secure on the rail.


Zensah products available in Desert Sand

Posted in GEAR on April 15th, 2007 by M M

Zensah products now available in Desert Sand – Zensah is now offering some of their products in Desert Sand. The Desert Tan colour was slightly warmer; Desert Sand is more greyish. As you can see below, it’s difficult to get a true representation of the colour as it looks different under different lighting conditions, but you can get the general idea. This is the tactical loose fit shirt in Desert Sand. The Desert Sand shirt has no visible logo so it can be worn with uniforms. Same overall design as the compression shirt, but looser fitting.


MM/EMDOM 3o2 Pistol mag pouch

Posted in Emdom, EQUIPMENT on April 12th, 2007 by M M

MM 3o2 Pistol Mag Pouch – Ever since we came out with the 6o4 pouch below, a number of people have asked for a ‘half-size’ version – with only one compartment. Some don’t need to carry 6 or 4 mags, only 3 or 2, and wanted to utilize a single columns of PALS. So, to accomodate those requests, here it is.

The 3o2 (Three-oh-Two) pouch is essentially single-column 6o4 pouch. It works exactly the same as the 6o4 – it can hold three single stack .45 mags or two double stacks mags. It has the same internal elastic divider, which has now been shielded from wear by the addition of a piece of nylon. The lid now has a piece of hook velcro to hold the lid in the folded position when the tab is tucked behind the retention loop. These changes were also made to the 6o4 in mid-production. The lid is adjustable and removable.


Modified Strider DB-GG

Posted in Blades, WEAPONS on April 10th, 2007 by M M

Strider Knives, in San Marcos, CA, need no introduction to those who appreciate the best in hard-use cutting tools. Shown here is a DB, with modified G10 Gunner grips from a Mod 10 instead of cord wrapping on the handle, making it a DB-GG. Strider does not currently offer the gunner grips as an option the DB (but they do offer gunners on some models), or for replacement – this was one was done up partly as an experiment to gage interest in the grips (which has been very positive so far). Note that the dimples on the Strider knife gunners are more ‘diamond-shaped’ instead of the circular ones on the 1911 Simonich/Strider gunner grips. Flat G10 scales with ridges are an option on the DB, though, if you want G10 handles instead of the standard cord wrapping.


Another ACOG/MRD Mounting option

Posted in AR, Optics, WEAPONS on April 7th, 2007 by M M

Another trend that’s developed over the years is to mount a mini-red dot (MRD) on top of the 4X Trijicon ACOG series scopes to provide close-range capability and speed that can be difficult with the magnified optic. Years ago, KAC came up with a mount that replaced the rear ghost ring on the TA01NSN ACOG, then in 2003, Specwargear came out with their own Doctor optic/Optima mounts (the SWG Optima mount is shown below). This was followed by JP and others. The drawback to this mounting position is that it’s so high off the boreline that you don’t get any cheek weld. At best, it’s a chin weld. Since it’s for close-range use, the MRD is usually sighted in at 25 yds, where the large offset presents additional problems and needs to be considered when taking shots at distances in that range if precision is needed.


TAD Gear Ranger Hoodie

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Patterned after their feature-laden tactical soft shell, the Stealth Softshell Hoodie; TAD Gear has yet again outdone themselves with the Gen 2 Ranger Hoodie. This is now by FAR, my favourite fleece jacket. I like my SPEAR and USMC Peckham fleece jackets, but I think they’ll be gathering dust in the closet as the Ranger Hoodie just offers so much more. It’s also a great-looking jacket to boot.


OR Gear PS150 gloves

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PS150 X-Static Gloves – The PS150 X-Static gloves are constructed of Polartec Power Stretch 150 with X-Static (hence the name), shown here in coyote (love the colour). The X-Static fabric prevents buildup of static electricity charges, and is also anti-microbial for odor control. The outside is a nylon exterior for abrasion resistance while the inside is bushed fleece for warmth and moisture management. The wrist is elasticized on the inside to keep the gloves secure on the hand.