Norton Universal Cleaning Stick

Posted in Access, AR, WEAPONS on June 11th, 2007 by M M

The Norton’s Universal Cleaning Stick from Countycomm is one of those simple, inexpensive tools that makes cleaning weapons just a bit easier. The U.C.S. is a a little flat piece of hard but flexible plastic, about 4.3″ long and .375″ wide, and about as thick as a wooden ice cream stick. The thickness tapers down at each end to create a sharp edge. One end has rounded corners and the other has a sharp corner. This stick gets into the nooks and crannies of a firearm that are overlooked or missed much of the time. For getting into narrow grooves, I usually break a wooden q-tip in two and use the sharp point, or use a dental pick with a cleaning patch on the end to get the gunk out. The wooden Q-tip usually breaks and the dental pick can scratch firearm finishes.


TAD Gear Force 10 Cargo Shorts

Posted in Clothes, GEAR on June 7th, 2007 by M M

At first glance, I thought that TAD Gear’s Force 10 Cargo Shorts were simply a short version of their Force 10 “Legionnaire’ Classic Cargo Pants. Upon closer examination, I found that the shorts combine features from both the Legionnaire pants and the Force 10 Cargo Utilities.

The Cargo shorts are available in two fabrics – a Desert Tan 100% 7.5 oz cotton twill gabardine (like the Legionnaire pants), and a lightweight 100% nylon ‘Amphibious Cloth’ in Khaki.

The heavier weight cotton twill is very rugged-feeling and would be suitable for those individuals who wear shorts year-round. They’d also do well for bouldering and rock face environments, as the thickness of the fabric offers some protection against sharp surfaces. Like a pair of Levi’s, they’ll get softer over time with each washing and wearing.


TAD Gear Battery pouches

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Illumination on June 4th, 2007 by M M

Okay, so you’ve got all these lights, electronics and optics – where do you carry the batteries? TAD Gear offers their compact BC4 and BC8 pouches made specifically to fit the Batuca battery cases.

The Batuca battery cases are made of translucent injection molded polymer, and measure 2.7″ wide x 2.3″ tall x .75″ thick. The lid is a flip-top, and is not waterproof. Each Batuca will hold 4 AA, 6 AAA or 4 DL123 batteries, or combinations. There are internal ribs to hold the DL123 batteries at the top of the case, since they’re shorter than AAs, and you can fit Aimpoint batteries in the space underneath the 123s. The Batuca cases are pretty much the most compact way of carrying batteries as there is very little wasted space. Two Batuca cases can be joined together at the bottom by sliding them together.


OR Gear Longbow gloves

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Gloves on June 2nd, 2007 by M M

The Longbow is a FR (fire resistant) glove with a convertible cuff. The Longbow has a soft, lightweight cuff that can be tucked inside to convert the glove to a ‘short’ glove, or worn outside, gauntlet style. The cuff is made of Massif HotJohns fabric, and is elastic enough to seal around the wrist. The Nomex fabric for the rest of the glove was specifically developed by Massif for OR Gear gloves, and is called Wolverineâ„¢. It’s a 4-way stretch Nomex, with bonded double layers. The outside layer is the smoother Elements soft shell fabric and the inside layer is the soft CoolKnit, described here. Flame-resistant cowhide is used for the palm and the rest of the leather details which include a knuckle protector on the back of the hand and a reinforced trigger finger cut-away. Kevlar thread is used throughout, with exposed seams being double stitched. The leather-protected wrist closure uses FR velcro.