MARS Armament 1911 Makeover

Posted in Pistols, WEAPONS on October 27th, 2007 by M M

Last year, I was walking the tables at the December 2006 SAR show, where a table of no-nonsense, no ‘bling’, utilitarian-looking 1911’s caught my eye. I stopped for a better look, and noticed not checkering on some of the front straps, but the golf-ball texture that I had seen in photos. Sitting behind the table was Steve Morrison from MARS Armament. I stopped to chat and find out more about these pistols, and learned that we had mutual acquaintances, like Eric from Vltor. Steve had also visited my site before, so we started off on familiar ground. One of the pistols on display in the glass case was a business-like looking Colt 1911 with subdued two-toneblack and gray finish. What caught my attention were the unique Gunner Grips with Strider logo. Now, I had gunner grips myself, but had never seen this variant in person. This particular pistol turned out to be the THUG (Twight Hard-Use Gun) gun owned by Darryl Bolke, which was later featured in the Summer 2007 issue of Surefire Combat Tactics magazine. I fondled the THUG and my eyes lit up, as it was exactly the kind of 1911 I liked – it looked good to me and felt great in my hand. Later on, when Darryl came back to the table, he was much amused at my envy.


TAD Gear OP1 Pouch

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Packs on October 25th, 2007 by M M

The OP1 Pouch from TAD Gear is a low profile organizer that can be mounted to the outside of a pack, molle rig, or as a stand-alone item shoved inside a pack. It’s designed to hold and organize small items for secure and easy access in a relatively flat package. The OP1 pouch/shingle measures approximately 6.75″ tall X 7.25″ wide X 1″ deep. Since it’s fabric, it’ll expand in the middle to accommodate thicker items than its 1″ depth. The OP1 is constructed of 500D Cordura and lined with smooth 420D oxford nylon and available in Crye MultiCam (shown here), OD green, foliage green, black, khaki and coyote brown.


Vltor MUR Update

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on October 22nd, 2007 by M M

One of the gripes that people have had is that the MUR was not compatible with the LaRue anti-rotation device, due to the MUR’s non-standard outer profile at the front of the receiver. When I installed my LaRue handguard on a MUR, I had to cut off one side of the anti-rotation device. Many people modified their devices, or simply left them off altogether. Now, there’s no need to do so. Vltor decided to change the contour slightly so that the MUR would be compatible with all handguards, including the LaRue antio-rotation device. All MURs shipping from Vltor now have this update, so if you plan on using a LaRue handguard, either order direct from Vltor or make sure you specify to your Vltor dealer that you want the LaRue-compatible one.


Vltor Weapon Systems CASV-M Handguard

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on October 21st, 2007 by M M

The new CASV-M from Vltor Weapons Systems is the midlength version of the CASV-EL shown above. The CASV-M is designed to be used with a midlength gas system with any front sight/gas block, or with a carbine (or shorter) gas system with low profile gas block. Until now, midlength gas system users could use the CASV-EL, but the sight tower cutout would leave the midlength gas tube semi-exposed. The MG covers the gas tube completely on a midlength system.


Ergo Rear Squeeze Bag

Posted in Access, WEAPONS on October 20th, 2007 by M M

The Ergo Rear Squeeze Bag by IST Designs and available from CrossTac is replacing my old USGI sock filled with sand as my rear stock bean bag for shooting rifles off the bench or in the prone position (when using a bipod or front rest). The Ergo is constructed of a unique one-way stretch, tough, rubberized material that stretches vertically when you squeeze the bag (when it’s on its end). The Ergo has an oval cross section, and measures approximately 5.5″ long x 4″ wide x 2″ thick. The Ergo can be used in all three postions – flat, on its side, and on the end.


MAXPEDITION Monkey Combat Admin Pouch

Posted in 2nd Line, EQUIPMENT, MANUFACTURER SECTIONS, Maxpedition on October 14th, 2007 by M M

The Monkey Combat Admin Pouch, designed by MilspecMonkey is a multi-purpose organizer meant to be attached to the chest area of a vest or body armour. The MCAP is large enough to hold a decent amount of small items, but not so large as get in the way when mounted on the chest.


EMDOM USA H2O Hydration Carrier

Posted in Emdom, EQUIPMENT, MANUFACTURER SECTIONS, Packs on October 10th, 2007 by M M

I’ve been using a prototype of EMDOM’s H2O Hydration Carrier since mid 2005, but it was put on the back burner to make way for other products until now. Some of you with sharp eyes caught pictures of it attached to my STRIKE rig in my KP Industries Knee Pad writeup back in 2005, and I’ve been getting emails inquiring about it ever since.


CrossTac Ambi Sling Connector

Posted in AR, slings, WEAPONS on October 7th, 2007 by M M

The ASC (Ambi Sling Connector) from CrossTac is a simple, compact design that adds an ambidextrous connection point for any sling using a HK-style, MASH hook or other similar connector. The ASC replaces the standard carbine receiver end plate and places a steel eyelet right below the buffer tube. The eyelet is fixed; it does not swivel or rotate.


TAD Gear F.A.S.T Pack – P.S. (Patrol Size)

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Packs on October 5th, 2007 by M M

The best way I can describe the F.A.S.T. Pack P.S. (Patrol Size) from Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear) is that it’s like their previous F.A.S.T. Alpha packs, but re-engineered and given a healthy dose of steroids. Shown here is the 10th Anniversary Package, which includes the P.S. pack, padded waist belt, TAD Gear cable gear keeper and special embroidered patch. The P.S. is 1000 larger than the Alpha model.