Kifaru Woobie

Posted in Kifaru, MANUFACTURER SECTIONS on November 30th, 2007 by M M

The word “Woobie” is used to describe a child’s security blanket, or something that helps you feel secure and comfortable. It’s also commonly used in the military as a name for the USGI Poncho liner, which might provide the same function, only for adults. I’ve used a USGI poncho liner numerous times as a blanket, ground sheet, throw, wrap; even to protect furniture when moving – its uses are numerous and varied.

Kifaru’s Woobie is an updated and modernized version of the USGI poncho liner. It uses Climashield Continuous Filament Insulation, the same insulation used in Kifaru’s Regulator Sleeping bag system. Specifically, Climashield Combat Insulation, which is the Berry Amendment version of their XP Insulation. It is a continuous filament fiber, synthetic insulation that is very compressible, thermally efficient, and does not need to be quilted, laminated or glued to the shell fabric.


LaRue Aimpoint Micro QD Mounts LT- 660 and LT- 661

Posted in AR, Optics, WEAPONS on November 25th, 2007 by M M

Pretty much as soon as Aimpoint released my new favourite sight – their new Aimpoint Micro T-1, LaRue Tactical came out with their QD mounts for the Micro-series of Aimpoint sights. The LaRue Tactical LT-66X fits all Aimpoint Micro sights and comes in two heights – LT-660 (High) and LT-661 (Low).


OTB Boots

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Footwear on November 20th, 2007 by M M

Over the years, Dan from OTB boots has worked with the SOF community on different types of specialty footwear, and was approached by the U.S. Navy SEALs to develop a line of boots for use in and around water. The result from this request and focus groups with SEALs was the line of boots named OTB, the military acronym for “Over The Beach”. Although OTB was initially formed to provide tactical footwear only, they’ve expanded their line of footwear to include civilian applications as well such as diving, fishing and hunting. Note that these are not water-proof boots; they are not designed to keep water out. Rather, they are designed to let water out as efficiently as possible, following complete submersion of the foot, where a water-proof boots is useless once the water level is higher than the top opening. OTB boots are not meant to replace hiking or combat boots, or for humping miles over dry mountainous terrain with heavy loads. They’re meant to be used in and around the water – on boats, the beach, oil rigs etc, and situations where the user is exiting a wet environment on to land.


OTTE Gear Patrol Parka (Earth)

Posted in Clothes, GEAR, HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOTHING (NON-MILITARY) on November 15th, 2007 by M M

Here’s a look at OTTE Gear’s Hardline Patrol Parka in Earth Colour. It differs from the MultiCam Patrol Parka above in both material and of course, colour. All other features and dimensions are the same.


TAD Gear F.A.S.T Pack EDC

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Packs on November 9th, 2007 by M M

The new F.A.S.T. Pack EDC from Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear) is the latest (as of this writing) evolution of their F.A.S.T. Alpha pack series. It’s styled very much like the FAST Pack P.S. shown above, but with 1000 less capacity. Green, black, Brookwood USMC coyote brown, khaki, and Crye MultiCam. The Brookwood USMC Coyote Brown is shown here. I found it to be a very attractive shade, with all colour-matched webbing and hardware.


CrossTac AR-15 Armorer Block

Posted in Access, AR on November 4th, 2007 by M M

The CrossTac AR-15 Armorer Block is reversible block that will fit both upper and lower receivers on an AR-15 and hold it for gunsmithing tasks. I’ve assembled and disassembled quite a few AR-15s over the years, and have found that some kind of specialized aid that holds the parts in place is much more convenient than wrapping them in a cloth and sticking them in a vice. It also prevents damage to the components.


Kifaru XRay Pack

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Kifaru, MANUFACTURER SECTIONS, Packs on November 1st, 2007 by M M

As Kifaru closes the gaps and fills the niches between their first packs, the EMR and Scout, customers still ask Kifaru to fill the spaces between the newer offerings. One of these perceived voids was the EDC (Every Day Carry)/Day Pack size. While the Marauder and Express aren’t very large packs in the general sense, some find that their capacity is more than is needed for every day, general use. Always keeping their ear to customer and market needs, Kifaru has responded.

The XRay is Kifaru’s newest pack (at the time of this writing), and is sized to be versatile enough to function as an EDC pack for every day use, or an assault or 2-day pack with the addition of external pockets for added capacity.