Original SOE Gear Trouser Belts

Posted in 1st Line, EQUIPMENT on December 31st, 2007 by M M

Another item from John Willis, the original owner of SOE (Special Operation Equipment) and owner of Original SOE Gear is the Trouser Belt. The Trouser Belt is an excellent daily belt or travel belt due to its metal-free construction. The Trouser belt is available in plain colours, or with camouflage wrap (MultiCam shown here), and in two variants.


LaRue Tactical Stealth Sniper System LT-011

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on December 27th, 2007 by M M

The LaRue Tactical Stealth Sniper System LT-011 is a complete drop-in upper that’s ready to swap out with your old one and begin precision shooting. After adding a scope with LaRue mount, of course. The Stealth is LaRue’s answer to the demands of the precision AR-Shooter, and was designed with ¾” 100-yard shot groups in mind. The Stealth has exceeded their expectations, and has earned a great reputation for its sub-MOA accuracy, with reports of consistent hits on 4″ plates out to 400 yards with 77 grain Mk262 ammunition. Complete Stealth Uppers come expertly-assembled and tested with Receiver, Free-float Handgaurd, Barrel, Low-Profile Gasblock and Tube, Mil-Contract M16 Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle.



Posted in MANUFACTURER SECTIONS, Maxpedition on December 20th, 2007 by M M

Two new additions to the Rollypoly line are the Rollypoly Backpack and Rollypoly Extreme. In a nutshell, the RP Backpack and Extreme are folding backpacks that roll up into a relatively small package.
Both the Rollypoly Backpack and Extreme are great for putting inside a larger pack or luggage when you’re traveling, and you don’t have the space to carry a larger, heavier pack.


TACARM Ballistic Combat Uniform (BCU)

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Protective on December 16th, 2007 by M M

As a former enlisted soldier and later as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army (now retired after serving 23 years), Matt Sonner realized the difference ballistic protection can make against IEDs and shrapnel.
Matt started his own company, TACARM (Tactical Armor and Equipment) and offers ballistic upgrades to a soldier’s uniform not normally covered by ballistic protection. TACARM offers ballistic panels which can be inserted into the current issue uniforms, and also developed a modified Army Combat Uniform that holds additional ballistic panels called the BCU (Ballistic Combat Uniform).


SAR knives SARclops EDC

Posted in Blades, WEAPONS on December 9th, 2007 by M M

Custom Knives is a one-man custom knife shop run by Spencer Alan Reiter (hence the ‘SAR’), a full time soldier stationed at Ft. Polk, LA. He currently works are the Joint Readiness Training Center as an Observer/Controller training soldiers in the fight against terrorism. Knife-making is currently a part time committment for Spencer, who experiments with different designs and materials, but he’d eventually like to make it his full time business. If you visit his website, you’ll see that some of his designs are quite unique and imaginative, and deviate from the norm. One of his newest creations is featured here – the SARclops.


TAD Gear Limited Edition Striker Leather Flight Jacket

Posted in GEAR, HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOTHING (NON-MILITARY) on December 4th, 2007 by M M

Just like they did with their Legionnaire Classic pants and Garage Jacket, TAD Gear has yet again given another classic design the TAD Gear treatment. The Striker Leather flight Jacket is patterned after the German military (Bundeswehr) issue flight jacket (flieger jacken), which is issued to pilots in the Air Force (Luftwaffe), Navy (Marine) and Army (Heer). It’s a superb example of current issue military style and design that’s versatile enough for every day wear just about anywhere you can think of.