Crosstac D-Belt Urban Tactical Belt

Posted in 1st Line, EQUIPMENT on March 28th, 2008 by M M

If you want an every day wear web belt to hold up your pants that is stiffer than a thin BDU web belt, but don’t need the thickness or features of a riggers belt, the D-Belt Urban Tactical Belt from Crosstac might be your answer. The D-Belt is somewhere in-between the two, providing enough support and stiffness for carrying a concealed weapon or other EDC items on your waist.


ITW/Down East Inc FASTmag

Posted in 2nd Line, Access, AR, EQUIPMENT on March 24th, 2008 by M M

Back in June of ’07, I got a heads up from Justin at Down East Inc, of a Marine Corps solicitation for their ILBE pouches. One of these was for a 30-round M16/M4 Speed Reload pouch. The product developed by Down East Inc and marketed primarily by ITW Military Products was the FASTmag. However, I didn’t like it that much as I felt that it was too wide and bulky. I voiced my concerns, and Justin told me that they were already working on a revised product that addressed those issues. I decided not to do a writeup on the Gen 1 FASTmag and instead wait for the improved version. Fast forward a few months, and the Gen 2 FASTmag was debuted around the time of the ’08 SHOT Show in February. The Gen 2 FASTmag is indeed a great improvement over the first version, and worth the wait.


TAD Gear Merino Wool Garments

Posted in Clothes, GEAR, HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOTHING (NON-MILITARY) on March 21st, 2008 by M M

Triple Aught Design’s (TAD Gear) new ‘Green Label” (natural fibers) Merino Wool Garments are part of their A.C.E. (A.ll C.limate E.lementals) layering system, which describes their highly versatile, component apparel system. Each piece the ACE system represents a component in an overall total system that can be worn autonomously or as part of layering combination. The ACE System offers performance and functionality from base and mid layers to outerwear. Featured here are three items from the ACE system: the Regulator Base layers, Equilibrium Full Zip Sweater, and the Flux Pullover Hoodie. All are made from Merino Wool.


SLiP2000 Brush Buddy

Posted in Access, AR, WEAPONS on March 16th, 2008 by M M

I love to shoot, and know lots of others who do. And if you shoot, you clean your weapons, sometime or other. Sure, some people don’t, but that’s not me. For those weapons I don’t shoot often, I clean them pretty thoroughly. For the weapons I shoot most often, I just do a quick cleaning between sessions. Either way, I get tired of cleaning the bore (even with the bore snake). For this task, SLiP2000 has come up with a simple device that makes the chore of cleaning a little bit easier – the Brush Buddy. It eliminates the need to screw and unscrew the cleaning tools on the end of a cleaning rod.


Kifaru Organizer and Mini-Long Pockets

Posted in Kifaru, MANUFACTURER SECTIONS, Packs on March 11th, 2008 by M M

Kifaru’s Organizer Pocket was designed specifically for mounting on the outside of a pack, adding storage and organization, and quick retrieval of small items that might get lost inside a larger compartment. It measures 9″ wide, 7.5″ tall and 1.5″ deep, and weighs 9.25 oz. It’s not meant to be used as an ‘admin’ pouch on a vest or chest rig – it’s too large. It requires six columns of PALS webbing for optimal mounting using two long Malice clips. Two tab loops on the top of the back allow attachment of a strap or shoulder sling for stand-alone use. The Organizer is constructed out of 1000D cordura on hte outside and the internal pockets are 420D.


TAD Gear Merino Stealth Coat

Posted in Clothes, GEAR, HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOTHING (NON-MILITARY) on March 7th, 2008 by M M

Triple Aught Design’s (TAD Gear) new ‘Green Label” (natural fibers) Stealth Coat is patterned similarly to their Ranger Fleece Hoodie and Stealth Hoodie soft shells shown above, but with a twist. Instead of being constructed out of synthetic fleece or the latest soft shell material, it’s made out of 500 gram New Zealand Merino Melton wool. Similar in weight to the familiar Navy Pea Coat, TAD intended the Stealth Coat to be a modern take on the classic car coat or hunting jacket.


Vltor SM-OCG Light Mount

Posted in Access, AR, WEAPONS on March 1st, 2008 by M M

The Vltor SM-OCG (Scout Mount – Offset Classic G-series) light mount debuted at the ’08 SHOT Show at the beginning of February. This neat little offset light mount is able to accomodate both 1″ diameter lights and the larger G2 Nitrolon (approx 1.040″). Like he did for the Scout mount, Eric Kincel came up with an innovative clamping system (patent pending) that tightens down on both the rail and the light body at the same time, even if the light body diameter changes. This elminates the need for two mount sizes.