TAD Gear Battle Hoodie

Posted in Clothes, GEAR, MILITARY CLOTHING (NON-UNIFORM) on September 26th, 2008 by M M

Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear) comes out with new stuff faster than I can keep up. The Battle Hoodie was designed as a cool/cold temperature, arid-desert warfare hooded jacket. It’s a specialized jacket, and was produced in response to very specific requests for a quiet, non-melting, insulated garment for dry environments. TAD Gear was asked to design a garment that would be tasked for the colder months at higher altitudes in Afghanistan and Iraq. It had to be no-melt and was to be used in dry/arid environments, so a cotton blend for the outer fabric was chosen. Warmth was desired, so it is fully lined with a cotton liner. The Battle Hoodie is the garment that resulted from this criteria.


BattleLab R.B.V. Predator Ballistic Vest (2nd Gen)

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Protective on September 22nd, 2008 by M M

Diamondback Tactical has updated their BattleLab line of tactical nylon for 2008-2009, which includes a complete re-design of their tactical vests, like the BattleLab Advanced Warrior F.A.P.C., reviewed previously. Shown here is the R.B.V. Predator ballistic vest, 2nd Gen, which incorporates these upgrades and new features.

The Predator is essentially the non-cutaway version of the Praetorian Rapid Cutaway Ballistic Vest, which is designed for over-water operations. The Predator is for users who do not have a need for the cutaway feature. It is designed to meet the operators’ need for a versatile, modular tactical vest with increased load-carry capacity, mobility, speed and ease of adjustability. It is currently being fielded in the govt, LE and military arena.


TNVC Cree Q5 LED Drop-in Lamp

Posted in weapon lights, WEAPONS on September 17th, 2008 by M M

The Cree Q5 LED Drop-in Lamp from TNVC (Tactical Night Vision Company) is an LED replacement lamp for any flashlight that uses SureFire P60 or P61 lamp modules. It drops in without any alteration or spacer needed, and provides 256 lumens of intense white light. This drop-in lamp triples or quadruples the output from any 6P-type flashlight.


Arc’Teryx Military Kneecaps

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Protective on September 12th, 2008 by M M

Originally designed for ice climbers and telemark skiers, the Arc’Teryx Military Kneecaps are now available in a tactical black/grey-green colour from the Arc’Teryx LEAF division. At only 5.4oz a pair, there are possibly the lightest hard-shell tactical knee caps/pads on the market. They provide low profile protection for the patella that can be worn over or under a set of trousers.


OPS-CORE ACH-ARC (Accessory Rail Connector)

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Headwear on September 5th, 2008 by M M

The new Ops-Core ACH-ARC (Advanced Combat Helmet-Accessory Rail Connector) is an accessory mounting system for the ACH and TC2000 series of helmets from MSA. The ACH-ARC kit is designed and manufactured by Ops-Core, and sold by Ops-Core and MSA. The ACH-ARC system consists of two rails that mount on each side of a helmet, that will accomodate the use of various mounting accessories to hold lights, helmet cameras, IR illuminators etc.