Magpul Industries MBUS

Posted in AR, Optics, WEAPONS on April 24th, 2009 by M M

Magpul Industries has finally released their long awaited (at least for me, since SHOT 2008) MBUS (Magpul Back-Up Sight). What makes them different from other back-up iron sights? They’re made of polymer, not iron. They were designed as a low-cost alternative to more expensive steel/aluminum front and rear sights, and a set of both front and rear cost as much as a ‘iron’ rear sight would. Being made of polymer, they can be produced in any standard colour Magpul manufactures their other products in.


MSM Stealth Util/Admin Pouch

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Packs on April 18th, 2009 by M M

The Mil-Spec Monkey Util/Admin Pouch is a follow-on to their MCAP, which was another multi-purpose organizer that could be attached to a vest or pack. Rather than using the velcro flap closures as on the MCAP, the Stealth has zipper closures instead for quieter access; hence the name ‘Stealth’.


C.A.T. M-4 Tool

Posted in Access, WEAPONS on April 11th, 2009 by M M

Combat Application Tools is a Wyoming-based company founded by an operator/instructor with military/LE experience and a competition shooter/gunsmith. Using this combination of military/LE experience in the field and gunsmithing skills, the duo have come up with a practical tool, the Combat Application Tools, Inc. C.A.T. M-4 Tool that is intended to make cleaning the bolt and carrier group of any M16/AR-15 a quick and easy process, whether it be out in the field, at the range or back in the comfort of your own home.


Crye CAGE Chassis/Shoulder Plate Range Report

Posted in Crye Precision, EQUIPMENT, MANUFACTURER SECTIONS, Protective on April 6th, 2009 by M M

My goal at the range was to get an initial/general feel for the CAGE Chassis, overall comfort, mobility, etc and see what changes, if any, I had to make to my shooting style. I’m obviously not someone who uses this gear for a living, but I write from my limited point of view and experience in order to (hopefully) provide useful information to those who might. For this first range session with the CAGE Chassis, I also had the CAGE Shoulder Plates on hand, and the Ops-Core Bump Helmet.



Posted in EQUIPMENT, Headwear, Protective on April 1st, 2009 by M M

Back at the 2008 SHOT Show (I missed the 2009 one), prototypes of Ops-Core’s new helmets were on display, along with their Head-Loc Retention System. The FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) helmet prototypes caught everyone’s attention, as they incorporated a lot of new features and modularity no other helmet offered. Well, the FAST Helmets are finally available, and if I had to pick one word to describe them, it’d be ‘WOW!’. The FAST Helmets take helmet technology to whole different level and have set the bar at a new high.