Armament Dynamics ACLM Charging Handle

Posted in Access, AR, WEAPONS on May 29th, 2009 by M M

As ambidextrous controls and features become the standard on modern weapons, rather than right-handed only, more accessories and replacement parts to update the AR-15/M16 family of weapons to ambi configuration enter the market. One of these is the ACLMâ„¢ (Advanced Combat Latching Mechanism) ambidextrous charging handle from Armament Dynamics Industries, LLC. This is a charging handle that is a direct replacement for the standard charging handle that allows the user to pull back the charging latch from any position with either hand. The ACLM differs from the standard charging handle by not requiring the user to release the latch on the left side of the receiver, and requiring only a single, rearward pull on either side of the handle to draw it back.


Viper Hood/Ghillie Zen Customs update

Posted in Camo on May 25th, 2009 by M M

I sent the back drape back to Zac so he could sew on some more 550 cord on and add more coverage in the middle of the back where the bare spots were. Compare the photo below to the one taken previously above. We also discussed making a sleeve for my rifle. In the meantime, I went ahead and spray painted the rest of the rifle to match the stock.


Leatherman Crunch

Posted in EQUIPMENT on May 21st, 2009 by M M

I’ve used Leatherman tools since about 1985; I had the original one, then the mini-tool later on. I normally have my Leatherman Wave on me or with me wherever I go, and it’s saved my butt more than a few times. Leatherman offers a dizzying array of multi-tools now, but one of their newest ones, the Crunch, is the first multi-tool to incorporate vise grip pliers.

The Leatherman Crunch has stainless steel handles and body, and incorporates 13 tools into it’s compact size. The most unique feature of the Crunch (and its namesake), is the adjustable vise grip pliers that can clamp up to a 1-inch diameter pipe. No more slipping pliers! Like their other multi-tools, Leatherman has masterfully been able to fit an incredible amount of functionality into a very small package.


Arborwear Tech Pants

Posted in Clothes, GEAR, HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOTHING (NON-MILITARY) on May 13th, 2009 by M M

Arborwear isn’t a widely known name in the tactical pant arena, which isn’t a surprise since they don’t make tactical pants. However, they do make durable and comfortable pants that are well suited to ‘tactical’ or outdoor use, as well as what they were originally design for – tree climbing. I think I first heard about them from my friend, GG, a few years ago. I didn’t really think much about them until I ran across them recently on the AFMO website. I picked the Arborwear Tech Pants, as they were made of nylon instead of cotton.


Tactical Concealment Viper Hood (4th Gen) / Ghille Zen Customs

Posted in Camo, EQUIPMENT, MILITARY UNIFORMS / CLOTHING, Outdoor on May 8th, 2009 by M M

The Viper Hood from Tactical Concealment, Mfg, Co. is a light weight ghillie hood designed for snipers, assaulters or operators wishing to break up the outline of the upper body only, instead of a full-body ghillie suit. The Viper Hood is compatible with most combat gear loadouts; vests, LBE, backpacks etc.
Ghillie Zen Customs offers garnishment services for customers who don’t want to, or don’t have the time or knowledge/experience to garnish their own ghille suit base.


215 Gear Visor and Coyote Blended Operators Hat

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Headwear on May 1st, 2009 by M M

If you want to shade your eyes from the sun with a hat, but don’t really want to cover your entire head, then 215Gear might have just the product for you. 215Gear has introduced a Visor for the tactical crowd.


Rocky S2V Desert Combat Boots

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Footwear on May 1st, 2009 by M M

The Rocky S2V Military Boot (available from was designed with the Special Operations warrior in mind, and caught my eye when it was first introduced about a year and a half ago (at the time of this writing). Since its release, I’ve heard generally good things about it, so I figured it was time I gave them a try. Rocky named the S2V after a Navy SEAL motto: “Stealth + Silence = Victory”.

For the S2V, Rocky consulted with SOF soldiers to determine what they wanted from a combat boot. From their requirements and feedback, the S2V was designed. The S2V is a 9″ tall boot that’s available in Black, Sage and Tan (shown here), making it suitable for both military and law enforcement use.