215Gear Enhanced Rigger’s Belt

Posted in 1st Line, EQUIPMENT on January 16th, 2010 by M M

The Enhanced Rigger’s Belt from 215Gear is an alternative to their Ultimate Rigger’s Belt for those who don’t need the quick-release Cobra buckle feature. What makes it unique among rigger’s belts is that it doesn’t have the standard parachute hardware that rusts, and the usual metal V-ring has been replaced by a sewn-in attachment point. This makes for a simpler, lighter design.



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The EMDOM USA-MM CM Belt is a duty/load bearing belt designed to be used in conjunction with the EMDOM Battle Suspenders or as a stand-alone duty belt. It is low profile, light weight yet rigid, and available in 7 different colours.

‘CM’ stands for ‘Cingulum Militare’, which is Latin for the military belt that the warriors of ancient Rome hung their sword and dagger from. The EMDOM CM belt stemmed from a desire to make a MultiCam duty belt that was compatible with MOLLE or pouches for 2″ belts. Not a rigger’s belt, mind you – just a duty belt. We also wanted to supplement the Battle Suspenders with a belt that worked well with them. I’ve found that when worn with suspenders, a padded belt or belt sleeve isn’t always necessary, and that a light weight rigid belt can still be very comfortable, but with less bulk.


Jones Tactical FatZombie Duty Belt

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The FatZombie Duty Belt from Jones Tactical is an inner/outer gun belt system that features a quick-release Cobra Buckle. It’s a very stiff system, designed not to roll with leg holsters/platforms, and is custom made to the user’s waist size.


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The EMDOM USA/MM Dump Pouch is a medium sized, non-folding dump pouch designed for the user who needs a dedicated spent mag or utility dump pouch without the need to fold it up.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been using my original Reccegear/MM Dump pouch in MultiCam or MAXPEDITION Rollypoly (MM Folding Dump Pouch) on all my rigs and they’ve served me extremely well. The only complaint I had with the Rollypoly was that it was never available in Crye MultiCam. It’d often be the only thing that wasn’t in MultiCam on my rigs. I’d asked MAXPEDITION for years to make them in MultiCam, but they never did. So, out of desperation, and not wanting to knock off my own design, I got together with Ken at EMDOM USA with a new design that wasn’t intended to compete with folding dump pouches. I found that I always left my RollyPoly in the unfolded configuration on my rigs, so this time around, I decided to come up with a non-folding dump pouch. Available in MultiCam of course.


TAD Gear RECON Pouch

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The TAD Gear RECON Pouch is a smallish sized pouch designed to carry and protect accessories such as GPS, electronic devices, mid-sized digital cameras, compact optics etc. It can be mounted to a belt, MOLLE rig or carried around on a shoulder strap (not included).


CTOMS X-Beltâ„¢ PS

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CTOMS (Canadian Tactical & Operational Medical Solutions, Inc) is a company dedicated to providing training and equipment for the medic and soldier, LE officer and paramedic, SAR technician, first responder and health care professionals that go into harms way and those that provide medical care in remote and dangerous places. Besides specialized tactical medicine equipment, CTOMS also makes Rescue and Extrication equipment, like their X-Beltâ„¢ PS featured here, which might be the most technical battle belt I’ve seen yet.


EMDOM-MM Battle Suspenders

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Introducing the EMDOM USA/MM Battle Suspenders – a project that has been in work and development since the end of 2006. I’m always looking to improve upon existing designs, and while I was collaborating with EMDOM on other projects I saw elements of EMDOM’s other products that I felt could be used to create a pretty good suspender, so Ken and I put our heads together on this one as well. The goal of this project was to make the best, most comfortable set of suspenders that we could, for pistol/combat belts that would be comfortable and low profile for under armour. I wanted more comfort than webbing-only suspenders while remaining less bulky than a fully padded harnesses/LBE. I also wanted it to be comfortable with heavier loads, simplify the attachment method, use lower profile hardware and eliminate the possibility of the shoulder straps slipping off the shoulders.


TAD Gear Rapid Deploy Dump Pods

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Another cool offering from TAD Gear is the RDDP (Rapid Deploy Dump Pod), available in two sizes: small (Sz1) and large (Sz2). Like the Maxpedition Rollypoly (MM Folding Dump Pouch), the TAD Gear RDDP is a folding dump pod/pouch meant to provide a quick means of additional storage on the belt or rig for magazines or other items at a moment’s notice. However, the way it’s designed and folds up is completely different from the Rollypoly (it was actually designed in part by a buddy of mine who has the initials ‘MM’ coincidentally).


Crosstac D-Belt Urban Tactical Belt

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If you want an every day wear web belt to hold up your pants that is stiffer than a thin BDU web belt, but don’t need the thickness or features of a riggers belt, the D-Belt Urban Tactical Belt from Crosstac might be your answer. The D-Belt is somewhere in-between the two, providing enough support and stiffness for carrying a concealed weapon or other EDC items on your waist.


OSOE 4 to 3 Row Tapered War Belt Sleeve

Posted in 1st Line, EQUIPMENT on February 22nd, 2008 by M M

Here is Original SOE Gear’s “4 to 3 Row Tapered Belt Sleeve” (not yet added to their website), which is a padded MOLLE belt sleeve. Last year, John Willis sent me one of his Modular War Belt sleeves. It’s a sleeve for use over a rigger’s or duty belt that provides MOLLE webbing for pouches and padding for comfort. It has four rows of MOLLE/PALS webbing and is internally lined with velcro to interface with an inner belt. However, at 5.5″ tall for its entire length, it was better suited to taller guys than me. I’m only 5′ 7″ with a short torso, and the width of the belt got in the way of my mobility when kneeling, squatting, bending at the waist etc. A taller, bigger guy would probably have no issues. I told John “y’know, I’m just too short to use it” and he asked me what I’d like to see in a lower profile war belt sleeve. The Tapered War Belt Sleeve is what resulted.