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The EMDOM USA/MM GPS Pouch is a GPS pouch designed for the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx or similarly-sized GPS unit that allows the user to operate and use the GPS unit without having to remove it from the pouch. This reduces the possiblity of the GPS unit being dropped during extraction and replacement in conventional pouches. The design enables the user to glance down at the GPS unit ‘on the go’ without having to hold it in his hand.


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Original S.O.E. Gear Xmas Stockings

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Just in time for the holidays, Original S.O.E. Gear is putting out these manly Xmas stockings, fit to hang above any tactical fireplace. Made of Crye MultiCam cordura (and other colours), these stockings can be loaded up with heavy presents like ammo, knives, and all those manly toys that we like. The stockings come in two different colours of felt trim and two different sizes. There are two velcro panels sewn on, for nametapes or flags, or IR markers in case Santa uses NVGs to get around a dark living room. For the greedy folk, there are three rows x four columns of PALS on the front for additional goody-holding pouches on the larger stocking, and three columns on the small one.


Advanced Tactical Camera

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The Advanced Tactical Camera (ATC) made by Pacific Concepts and available from U.S. Cavalry is an affordable option for those looking for a self-contained video camera to record crucial events (or, for just plain fun). For military, law enforcement or other government agencies, having a record of events and operations where force has been used can provide an unbiased witness, which in today’s sue-happy world, can be crucial to justifying said use of force. Of course, it works both ways, and provide accountability as well. A video camera can record a mission’s events for use in the debrief, or as training material. Consumer video cameras are available, but most are too bulky. Small, professional quality ‘lipstick’ cameras are also available, but the systems tend to be expensive, or the recording device is separate from the camera unit. The ATC is a digital video camera and recording device which is light and small enough to mount on a weapon or helmet, or just about any place you can figure out how to mount it to. For the civilian, a portable, self-contained camera can be used for all sorts of sports or recreational activities.