782 Gear Flash-Lite FR BAC 1/4 Zip

Posted in Fire Resistant Clothing, GEAR on June 7th, 2011 by M M

The Flash-Lite FR BAC 1/4 Zip from 782 Gear is a hot weather, light weight Body Armour Compatible combat shirt. It’s made with flame-resistant, no melt/drip materials, and is designed with 782’s CFM (Comfort Map Fit) for comfort under gear.


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Massif FR Cool Knit T-shirt and Breeze Boxer Brief

Posted in Clothes, Fire Resistant Clothing, GEAR on August 14th, 2009 by M M

The Massif Cool Knit T-shirt is the hot weather component of their Fire and Iceâ„¢ Low-Bulk Nomex® Layering System. It’s available in short and long sleeve versions.
The silk weight Massif Breeze boxer brief has a body-hugging, athletic fit that is both comfortable and supportive. Extensively field tested, it is designed not to ride up, bunch up, or chafe, whether you’re moving or static.


Tru-Spec Combat Shirt (Gen 2)

Posted in Fire Resistant Clothing, GEAR, MILITARY UNIFORMS / CLOTHING on July 2nd, 2009 by M M

Tru-Spec has released the second generation of their Combat Shirt, which I featured in the above writeup, and to my pleasant surprise, has greatly improved upon their first version.


Crye Precision “Gen 2” Combat Shirt and Pant AC

Posted in Clothes, Crye Precision, Fire Resistant Clothing, GEAR on January 29th, 2009 by M M

It’s been about four years since I previewed Crye Precision’s groundbreaking Combat Uniform (Gen 1) in the previous writeup below, which featured a host of innovations not previously seen in a combat uniform. Since then, its influence can be seen in the new Army Combat Shirt and the USMC FROG2 Combat Shirt (produced by Crye).
With the Gen 2 Combat uniform, officially designated the Combat Shirt and Pant AC, revisions have been made to streamline the uniform with light weight as a major design driver while still providing integrated protection. Actually, the AC uniform is not simply a lightened version of the Gen 1; it’s a different animal.


driFIREâ„¢ Gen 2 Performance Wear

Posted in Fire Resistant Clothing on July 24th, 2007 by M M

driFIRE has released their Gen 2 Performance wear and have made some changes that are an improvement on the Gen I garments, in my opinion. I received some of the Gen 2 silk weight items – the T-shirt, Long sleeved T, and boxers in Desert Sand, and a long sleeved T and balaclava in Foliage Green. The Gen 2, 5 oz driFIRE fabric is the same weight as the Gen 1 fabric but the method of production has been changed to reduce ‘loose fiber ends’ which gives it a ‘tougher’ feel. Pill resistance has also been increased. It doesn’t feel like a synthetic fabric – it actually feels a lot like some raw silk garments I have, or unbleached cotton. It’s not as smooth as the Gen 1 fabric, but no less comfortable – it’s got a nice, ‘natural’ feel to it. Elasticity is about the same or a bit less than cotton garments – it’s not ultra stretchy like some other synthetics. Shrinkage is only 2%. Previously, I had found that the cut of the Gen 1 garments weren’t designed with limited stretch in mind, but that has been corrected on the Gen 2 items.