Kifaru OTW Bag

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The Kifaru OTW (Outside The Wire) is a “Go Bag” intended primarily for military and law enforcement personnel who might need a bag for fighting out of on the move. A prototype debuted at the 2010 SHOT show and after months of input and testing from guys in the field, it was finally introduced. Unlike other ‘go bags’ currently offered, the OTW has no zippered openings or flaps to deal with. One-handed opening and closing feature allows the user to have instant access to the main compartment’s contents.



Kifaru Koala

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The Kifaru Koala is a modular, multi-functional pouch/bag that can be worn in multiple configurations to suit a variety of needs. It also incorporates a hidden handgun panel that keeps your handgun safe and protected until needed; where it can be accessed in an instant.


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Kifaru Pods and Grab-it Panel

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Have you ever needed to strap a bulky item like a sleeping bag or bulky jacket to the outside of a pack but had difficulty with it slipping out of the straps? Kifaru’s Military Pods are the simplest, quickest way of attaching large, bulky gear to the outside of your ruck.
Kifaru’s Grab-it Panel is a trapezoidal ‘beaver tail’ that attaches to the bottom of any Kifaru pack, and provides a means of stashing a jacket or bulky item outside the pack for quick and easy access.


Kifaru Organizer and Mini-Long Pockets

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Kifaru’s Organizer Pocket was designed specifically for mounting on the outside of a pack, adding storage and organization, and quick retrieval of small items that might get lost inside a larger compartment. It measures 9″ wide, 7.5″ tall and 1.5″ deep, and weighs 9.25 oz. It’s not meant to be used as an ‘admin’ pouch on a vest or chest rig – it’s too large. It requires six columns of PALS webbing for optimal mounting using two long Malice clips. Two tab loops on the top of the back allow attachment of a strap or shoulder sling for stand-alone use. The Organizer is constructed out of 1000D cordura on hte outside and the internal pockets are 420D.


Kifaru Regulatorâ„¢ Sleeping Bag System

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A couple of years ago, when Mel from Kifaru let on that they were developing a new sleeping bag, I knew that it’d be something different from the rest and worth the wait. The Regulator is truly an integrated sleeping bag ‘system’ from start to finish, not an upgrade, addition nor retrofit to an existing product. When it was finally introduced, Kifaru did not disappoint. True to their “Modular and Multifunctional” motto, Kifaru’s Regulatorâ„¢ Sleeping Bag System introduces a revolutionary new concept to sleeping bags and sleep systems, offering a thoroughly modular design, using the finest shell material and synthetic insulation available. Every component is designed to be versatile, rugged and extremely light weight.


Kifaru Woobie

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The word “Woobie” is used to describe a child’s security blanket, or something that helps you feel secure and comfortable. It’s also commonly used in the military as a name for the USGI Poncho liner, which might provide the same function, only for adults. I’ve used a USGI poncho liner numerous times as a blanket, ground sheet, throw, wrap; even to protect furniture when moving – its uses are numerous and varied.

Kifaru’s Woobie is an updated and modernized version of the USGI poncho liner. It uses Climashield Continuous Filament Insulation, the same insulation used in Kifaru’s Regulator Sleeping bag system. Specifically, Climashield Combat Insulation, which is the Berry Amendment version of their XP Insulation. It is a continuous filament fiber, synthetic insulation that is very compressible, thermally efficient, and does not need to be quilted, laminated or glued to the shell fabric.


Kifaru XRay Pack

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As Kifaru closes the gaps and fills the niches between their first packs, the EMR and Scout, customers still ask Kifaru to fill the spaces between the newer offerings. One of these perceived voids was the EDC (Every Day Carry)/Day Pack size. While the Marauder and Express aren’t very large packs in the general sense, some find that their capacity is more than is needed for every day, general use. Always keeping their ear to customer and market needs, Kifaru has responded.

The XRay is Kifaru’s newest pack (at the time of this writing), and is sized to be versatile enough to function as an EDC pack for every day use, or an assault or 2-day pack with the addition of external pockets for added capacity.


Kifaru’s newest pack – the ZXR

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(Initial review – features) – Ever since the versatile Zulu was introduced more than two years ago (as of this writing), customers have been asking/hinting for a larger version of the Zulu pack with an upgraded suspension for carrying heavier and larger loads. At the 2006 SHOT show, Kifaru announced the new ZXR (Zulu Extreme Ruck), which gave the masses what they had been clamoring for. Since the design and inspiration evolved directly from the Zulu, Kifaru went with the ‘ZXR’ instead of giving it an entirely new name. It’s finally available and well worth the wait.

Overall Specs – Kifaru combined key features from the Zulu, Pointman and EMR into the ZXR. Capacity of the bag itself is 3800 c.i., 1000 c.i. more than the Zulu, and 400 c.i. less than the MMR (the next top loader up). It weighs in at 6 lbs 13 oz. It has top access via the storm collar opening and a Pointman-style bottom lid with zippered access. The ZXR is available with the new XTL (Extreme Top Lid), or the standard Zulu top lid. It’s constructed of 1000d Cordura fabric and is available in 2 standard (coyote, OD) and 5 specialty colours (woodland, MultiCam, UCP, desert tiger stripe and black). ITW-Nexus Ghillietex plastic and metal hardware is used throughout, except for the shoulder strap buckles which are from ACW.


Kifaru pack setup and adjustment guide

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Proper pack setup can make a world of difference in comfort. To new Kifaru users, how the different straps and possible adjustments are supposed to be used and set up can be quite a mystery; they were to me when I got my first Kifaru pack. Using the adjustments the way they were designed can make a world of difference in how comfortable the load is carried. When I got my first Kifaru pack years ago, I asked Mel Terkla what the recommended way of setting up the Kifaru packs was, and his preferred sequence of donning the packs. Since then, I’ve seen many customers ask the same questions, so I decided to put together this little guide, based on Mel’s recommendations and guidance.

Everyone has a different physique – tall, short, thin, fat etc, and Kifaru also has different suspension systems. Getting the pack set up right (for you) will require tweaking, and miles under the belt to figure out what works best. It’s also based partly on personal preference. But following the recommended initial setup will get you started in the right direction.


Kifaru Hoodie

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Kifaru Hoodie. Not too bulky nor thin, Kifaru’s Hoodie is perfect for lounging around and relaxing on a cool evening. 50/50 cotton/poly blend with a soft brushed fleece lining, It’s available in light Khaki with a green Kifaru logo on the left breast and back. Drawstring hood and front handwarmer pocket. I’m wearing a size large (I’m normally a size medium but wanted a more relaxed fit). The Kifaru Rhino patch is also available.