Oneiros OV Belt Guide & MEAN Pad

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Mystery Ranch, Packs on December 10th, 2013 by M M

The OV Belt Guide and MEAN Pad are two products from Oneiros Valley designed for the Mystery Ranch NICE Frame.


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Mystery Ranch Duffels

Posted in EQUIPMENT, MANUFACTURER SECTIONS, Mystery Ranch, Packs on July 17th, 2009 by M M

Mystery Ranch makes a lot of products that don’t make it onto their website – sometimes because they’re of a proprietary nature, and other times because the guys are just too busy to take photos and stick it up on the site. The One Man Duffel is one of those to which the latter reason applies.
The Spandura Duffels are Mystery Ranch’s take on the simple duffel, with a few of their own unique features thrown in for good measure. The Spandura Duffels come in three sizes: Small (2000, Medium (3000 and Large (7000 They’re lightweight, yet semi-structured for ease of use.


Mystery Cinch

Posted in EQUIPMENT, Mystery Ranch, Packs on June 19th, 2009 by M M

The problem with wearing packs over body armour is that the pack is placed further away from your back due to the thickness of the armour (soft panels and plate), and that body armour usually doesn’t provide a very good or stable platform for the shoulder strap route. As a result, the pack pulls the straps to the outside, they cut into the armpits or shoulders and generally suck to wear. The Mystery Cinch from Mystery Ranch is a simple yet effective solution to this problem.