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The MM 2A (2nd Amendment) Patch is a simple way of showing your support for the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution – which protects our right to keep and bear arms. This PVC patch is only available in a set of three different colours, exclusively through EMDOM USA. A portion of the sales of the patches will be contributed to the NRA, which spearheads the legislative battle in our fight for our RKBA.



MM 1/6 Scale Figure (one-off)

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A 1/6 scale MM figure. Note that this is a one-off, and is not available or going into production at this time.



ITW Military Products Waveloc and Quick Attach Surface Mount Buckles

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ITW Military Products has two new buckles – the Waveloc male side release buckle, which prevents/reduces webbing slippage, and the other is a Quick Attach Surface Mount female buckle. I’m particularly excited about the Quick Attach Surface mount, as this opens up a whole lot of new possibilities.



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Featuring the Andrew Bawidamann MM skull design, the EMDOM/MM patch has a dark OD background, with lighter OD border and arrows. Depending on how the light hits the patch, the skull and arrows will alternately look light or dark as the direction they’re embroidered are at right angles to each other, producing quite a cool effect. The gothic ‘MM’ letters and arrow outline are coyote, and the skull is grey. This colour combo goes very well with most colours, like MultiCam, foliage green, grey, coyote, khaki, OD green etc.



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MOIRE Pouches -MAXPEDITION has introduced two new pouches; the MOIRE mesh pouches, named for the interference pattern you see when you overlay two or more grids at an angle (in this case, the mesh that pouches are made out of). They come in two sizes: 7 x 5 and 8 x 6, which refer to the dimensions of the center compartment. The MOIRE pouches are made of a very fine abrasion-resistant nylon mesh which is still and feels surprisingly tough. Each pouch has three compartments – the large center compartment and two smaller outside ones. The outside compartments are flat. There’s a swivel snap hook on one end of the pouch and a 1″ webbing loop at the other, for use with slik-clips or dummy cording.


Crye Multicam Water Transfer Updated info

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Lakota-Industries will be doing custom Crye Multicam water transfer printing. Shown below are some items I sent to Lakota Industries to get dipped; my modified Safariland 6004 and a kydex knife sheath. I took apart the 6004 and only sent in the holster, leg panel and thumb break. The coated products came out very nicely. I should caution that the transfer film can crack when put on flexible parts like the thumb break if subjected to bending. The thumb break was coated when it was flat, but when bending it into a ‘U’ shape, the film developed hairline cracks on the outside (not visible in the photos). For flexible parts, either coat them in their normal bent state, or leave them uncoated. The holster almost disappears against the Crye Combat Pants below.

» READ MORE AT MILITARYMORONS.COM and Gunsite custom embroidered RollyPolys

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MAXPEDITION has introduced two custom embroidered Rollypolys. Shown below is the rolly (the front face of an M4 bolt), available in OD, khaki and black. The Gunsite rolly is also available in black, khaki and OD. If you’d like custom embroidered Rollypolys, just contact MAXPEDITION.


Visit to Vltor ‘Photo essay’ Part 5 – 7.62mm Minigun

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The fellows from Garwood Industries, Tracy Garwood and Randy Myer brought out their M-134G 7.62mm Minigun to join in the shoot. This was something I was VERY excited about, never having fired a minigun. Garwood Industries sells M-134G newly manufactured parts and subassemblies to upgrade and modernize existing military miniguns. All components are manufactured by their manufacturing partner, using state of the art tooling and machinery.

The 7.62mm minigun/Gatling gun as originally developed by General Electric is a six barrel, electrically driven, belt-fed machine gun firing at 3000-4000 rounds per minute. It weighs approximately 61 lbs. There’s a ton of information to be found on the M-134 minigun, so I won’t parrot it here. A good start is Monty’s Miniguns page.


Visit to Vltor ‘Photo essay’ Part 4 – Mk46 and Mk48

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Much of my attention that day was spent on these weapons – the FN Mk46 Mod 0 and Mk48 Mod 0. Both weapons have an aura of mystique that the standard M249 doesn’t, mainly because they were developed for SOCOM (Special Operations Command) to meet the needs of Special Operations Forces, most visibly the U.S. Navy SEALs. Truly the definitive ‘exotic’ weapons. Actually, my first encounter with these weapons was at the SEAL compound in Coronado, where I took these photos. But while I got a chance to examine and handle them, I didn’t get to shoot them. I really digged the lightweight and compact Mk46, so when Eric told me that Vltor had bought both weapons, I was very excited to get the chance to shoot them to my heart’s content.


Visit to Vltor ‘Photo essay’ Part 3 – The belt feds

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There’s just something about belt-fed weapons that holds people’s fascination that other weapons don’t. Maybe it’s the image of exposed links of ammunition that cast no doubt about what these devices are fed. Whether it be the cloth belts of the Vickers, or belts of 7.62mm slung around the necks of M60 gunners in Vietnam, we’ve grown up with images of what we think machine guns are supposed to look like. And they all have belts. Seeing a seemingly unending belt of ammunition hanging from a feed port of a machine gun has the intimidation factor that magazine fed rifles don’t. Belt feds look like they’re just waiting to unleash hell.