BCM Standard Mid Length ELW Upper Receiver Group with KMR 13″ Handguard

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Bravo Company USA is now offering their highly anticipated BCM ELW upper with KMR Handguard after months of teasing us with photos of them in the hands of well-known industry trainers. This upper features two new products from BCM – their KMR (Key Mod Rail) and ELW (Enhanced Light Weight) fluted barrel.



Centurion 5.56 Modular Rail (CMR) System

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The CMR Rail System from Centurion Arms is their new handguard that we first caught a glimpse of at the 2013 SHOT Show. It’s a light weight, tubular, one-piece free float hand guard that provides a continuous 12 o’clock rail and a very slim profile. The CMR system clamps to a proprietary barrel nut that can be installed on all AR-15/M-16 type weapons, and comes in both 5.56 and 7.62 versions.



Noveske NSR Handguard

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The NSR Handguard from Noveske Rifle Works is the first handguard to offer the KeyMod (KM) System. The KM System is a collaboration between Vltor Weapon Systems and Noveske Rifleworks. The KM System offers a mounting platform for a variety of accessories and components. In July, Vltor Weapon Systems released the Data Package for the Keymod (KM) system so any manufacturer can adopt it or make accessories for it, royalty-free.



Addax Tactical ATAC GPU Upgrades and FRS Anti-Carrier Tilt buffer

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Addax Tactical and Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) continually work on refining their gas piston upper systems, and when Addax informed me of some available upgrades to the Addax ATAC (Advanced Tactical AR Carbine) GPU (Gas Piston Upper) which I featured previously, I was interested.
Firearm Ready Solutions, LTD, and is now offering the Anti-tilt Buffer assembly as a drop-in cure for carrier tilt in the piston operated AR15/M16 platform.


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Addax Tactical ATAC (Advanced Tactical AR Carbine) GPU

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on August 7th, 2009 by M M

The Addax ATAC (Advanced Tactical AR Carbine) GPU (Gas Piston Upper) from Addax Tactical is a new gas piston AR upper that utilizes a long stroke piston system, with the piston attached to the bolt carrier rather than the short stroke piston of the earlier PWS system. This was originally developed for the shorty 7″ Diablo upper by Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) but is also available for longer barrels.


American Precision Arms Billet Lower Receiver

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on June 28th, 2009 by M M

New from American Precision Arms (APA) is a billet aluminum AR-15 lower receiver that was designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, as well as a smooth, clean look. APA specializes in building custom tactical, hunting and target rifles, offering both products and services.


Vltor Weapon Systems CASV-S Handguard Preview

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on December 24th, 2008 by M M

The new CASV-S from Vltor Weapons Systems is a bi-level midlength version of the CASV-M with a few differences. Like the CASV-M, the CASV-S is designed to be used with a midlength gas system with any front sight/gas block, or with a carbine (or shorter) gas system with low profile gas block underneath. The main difference between the CASV-S and the EL and M versions is that it has a bi-level top rail.


Addax Tactical GPU (Gas Piston Upper)

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on November 22nd, 2008 by M M

The Addax GPU (Gas Piston Upper) from Addax Tactical is a series of complete uppers utilizing the Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) AR-15 gas piston conversion system combined with high-quality AR-15 parts and components. Addax Tactical is a certified PWS gas system conversion installer, but they wanted to take it a step further. Instead of only assembling components into complete uppers, Addax has been working with PWS to make some refinements to the system which are seen here on their Combat GPU.


Spike’s Tactical ST-22 Upper

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on October 15th, 2008 by M M

The Spike’s Tactical ST-22 Upper is a complete drop-on .22LR upper receiver for any AR15-type rifle, converting it to shoot inexpensive .22LR ammunition. Whether it’s for fun, plinking or training, a conversion upper for an AR15 is quickly becoming a popular accessory for AR owners out there.


Primary Weapon Systems AR15 Piston Conversion

Posted in AR, Uppers, WEAPONS on May 4th, 2008 by M M

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS), the same guys that produce the excellent DNTC and FSC556 muzzle brakes for the AR15, have introduced their piston system for the AR15. Having dealt with the AK system for some time, they wanted to bring the reliability of the AK to the AR15 platform with its superior ergonomics. Now, some would argue that a piston system for an AR15 is unnecessary except for some specific applications, but the market has shown that even if people don’t necessarily need one, they want the option of having one. Gene Stoner’s direct gas impingement system of the AR15 has proved to be a very reliable one, as long as it’s kept properly lubricated and fed with high quality ammo. Even so, the quest to improve upon that system under more conditions has led to the development of piston systems for the platform, like HK with its 416 and various other piston upper manufacturers. Whether or not they’re improvements over the original DI system can only be answered by the passage of time during which these new system prove themselves. Some have been complete replacement upper assemblies, others have been retrofit systems requiring minor modifications. The PWS system falls into that category – it’s a retrofit system that can be installed on an existing DI upper or on a brand new build. It’s not a drop-in system – it must be installed by PWS or an approved installer.