Eagle Chest rig (SKD all- MOLLE version) and ESSTAC ‘Toaster’ mag pouch

This is more of a suppliment than a full writeup to the Eagle Industries Universal Chest Rig, SKD MOLLE version, shown above. SKD Tactical is offering an all-molle version of the UCR platform. It’s not a standard Eagle offering, but exclusive to SKD. The molle version shares the same 12.5″ x 7″ panel and shoulders straps as the UCR and has the same internal compartment in the center and mesh pocket in the rear (refer to the writeup above for details). The only difference is that it has no sewn-on pockets, but a PALS grid of 14 channels x 4 rows so the user can configure the chest rig with his own pouches. It’s a simple, low-profile platform that isn’t too bulky to be worn over body armour. I’ve shown it below with the Esstac Toaster pouch and EMDOM 6o4 pistol mag pouch.


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