Eagle FSBE II Patrol Pack

The Eagle Industries FSBE II Patrol Pack (PP) is a small modular patrol/assault pack from the FSBE II kit.

Overall design and features – It’s designed as a very simple, lightweight day pack with about 1570 cu.in. of internal capacity. PALS webbing on the outside of the pack allow for attachment of molle-compatible pouches. A rear compartment is designed to carry a ballistic plate. Overall seam-to-seam dimensions I measured are as follows: max height 18″. Max width at bottom 14″. Max depth (including main compartment front ‘extension’) 10″.

Body -The PP has a main compartment zipper which extends about halfway down each side. There are four short horizontal compression straps – two on each side. On top of the pack are two radio antenna openings, each covered by a web flap secured by a snap. They can also function as hydration hose ports if a hydration bladder is hung inside the pack. The outside is devoid of external pockets or compartments, but has ample PALS webbing for additions. On the front of the main flap are five rows of PALS webbing. The top row is 4 columns across while the others are 6 rows across. On the sides are three rows of PALS; the bottom two 3 columns wide and the top one 4. On the front of the pack is what looks like an external pocket. It’s not; it’s the bottom access flap. It extends from the main body, adding some extra volume. It has 3 rows of PALS, 4 wide on top, and 6 columns across for the bottom two. The very bottom of the pack has 3 rows x 6 columns of PALS which can be used for attaching pouches or lash points. The bottom also has four grommets for drainage.


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