Eagle TREC-W/P rolling equipment bag

The Eagle Industries Travel Rolling Equipment Cargo bag – with pockets (TREC-W/P), as its name describes, is a large rolling equipment bag. Okay, it’s a huge rolling equipment bag. The concept of duffles or rolling luggage isn’t anything new. Most duffles are simple huge ‘bags’ with a minimum of pockets (if any). Over the past couple of years, the ‘loadout’ or ‘deployment’ bag has entered the scene, evolving from the simple duffle into something offering more organization and versatility. With body armour and sometimes the need to transport weapons, these loadout bags can become very heavy and unwieldy. Eagle’s combined the loadout bag and rolling luggage concept into a package that makes hauling tactical gear around a whole lot easier. Besides being used for hauling gear and weapons, I can also see it being used for more mundane roles as a road trip bag for me and the wife to consolidate all our luggage into one.


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