EMDOM-MM CBDU (Contractor BDU)

This is the CBDU (Contractor BDU) from EMDOM USA. It’s a limited-run custom modified BDU shirt and pant that was originally designed as an enhanced BDU for private military contractors, or anyone else that can make use of its practical features.

This project actually started in December 2006, when Ken from EMDOM asked me if I had any ideas for modified BDUs. ‘Custom/enhanced’ BDUs have become more commonplace now; back then all you had were BDUs that you took to the tailor to modify. Most of the BDUs were geared towards the military; less so for the civilian or PMC. Since PMCs can’t wear camouflage, and some civvies dislike wearing camo to tactical classes etc, there were some modifications that I had in mind that I thought would be practical, and that I could make use of on the range while running around. So, while these BDUs can be worn by anyone who can use its features, we always referred to them as the ‘Contractor BDUs’, so the name stuck. The main goal was to provide practicality, additional elbow and knee protection, comfort and load bearing capability over the standard BDU without a noticeable increase in weight.


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