Endom Baby Shingle

Finally, one of my favourite new little pouches is finally in production.

The Baby Utili-shingle Pocket is a half-sized small shingle that you’ll keep finding new uses for. It measures 5.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″ and fits where larger pockets won’t. It can straddle 3 or 4 channels of PALS, due to the spacing of the molle grid on the back. Small malice clips can be used, or the two web straps with snaps which are supplied. Once you get the hand of the strap, they’re pretty easy to use, and don’t protrude out the bottom like malice clips.

The pocket opens via the double zipper pulls on top, and inside is a dummy cord loop for securing contents. On each side of the pocket are two rows of PALS, for attaching a single-column pouch, grimloc biner, or for more dummy cording. I’ve had a prototype for a few months prior to the production version coming out, and used it on my Kifaru pack waist belts.


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