HSGI Tactical Cap

High Speed Gear’s Tactical Ballcap is the best-fitting cap for my head I’ve worn.

I’ve got a lot of caps, and none of them fit exactly the same. Seemingly minor differences in shape or dimension can make a large difference in how it feels or looks on my head (I’ve got a medium sized hat). Sometimes the cap is too deep, so it overlaps the top of my ears. Sometimes it’s too shallow. Sometimes the brim doesn’t look right etc.

Well, Gene’s cap fit’s my noggin perfectly, and looks good to boot.

It’s an unstructured cap that’s soft and conforms to the shape of the head. There’s no button on top, making it perfect for wear with hearing protector headbands. There are 2″ x 3″ velcro patches on the front and back, and a 1.5″ square on the top. Subdued HSGI logo on the right temple and U.S. flag on the left. The original version of the cap had an elastic strap at the back, which kept the hat snug on the hat. It worked just fine for me, however, some people wanted to be able to adjust the tension. Gene came up with an adjustment for the elastic strap (far right photo) and all new HSGI caps will come with that. I prefer this elastic strap to standard strap backs as the cap stays put in high winds and running around. The cap is available in MultiCam, OD and khaki.


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