Kifaru pack setup and adjustment guide

Proper pack setup can make a world of difference in comfort. To new Kifaru users, how the different straps and possible adjustments are supposed to be used and set up can be quite a mystery; they were to me when I got my first Kifaru pack. Using the adjustments the way they were designed can make a world of difference in how comfortable the load is carried. When I got my first Kifaru pack years ago, I asked Mel Terkla what the recommended way of setting up the Kifaru packs was, and his preferred sequence of donning the packs. Since then, I’ve seen many customers ask the same questions, so I decided to put together this little guide, based on Mel’s recommendations and guidance.

Everyone has a different physique – tall, short, thin, fat etc, and Kifaru also has different suspension systems. Getting the pack set up right (for you) will require tweaking, and miles under the belt to figure out what works best. It’s also based partly on personal preference. But following the recommended initial setup will get you started in the right direction.


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