MM 6o4 Pistol Mag Pouch

for detailed pictures, please visit I’m proud to present my latest collaborative effort – the MM/EMDOM USA 6o4 PIstol Mag Pouch.

The problem I found with single mag pouches was that they took up a lot of real estate on a rig (unless stacked on top of other pouches) and since they were spread out (on my bib, side etc), reloads weren’t as quick as there I sometimes found myself fumbling to ‘find’ a pouch with a full mag after just a couple of reloads. Lack of proper training, no doubt.

The EMDOM CQB pistol mag pouch which holds two .45 single stack mags was a step in the direction of making better usage of PALS real estate. Even so, I felt that the idea of consolidating some of the pistol mags into one area had merit, as such a pouch wouldn’t take up so much space and reduce the ‘fumbling’ around for mags, since all reloads would be from the same general area.


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