Zensah short and long sleeved compression shirts in OD green added

I’ve mentioned elsewhere on militarymorons.com that I haven’t been a fan of tight-fitting compression wear. Mainly because my experience with such clothing has found them feeling synthetic, too slick, and tight/restrictive.

The Zensah fabric (shirt – 85% Polyamide, 15% Polyester. Shorts – 95% Polyamide, 5″ Elasthan), however, is quite different from what I’ve seen in the past. It’s very soft without feeling ‘slick’, and is extremely stretchy. Very comfortable, and as advertised, really feels like a second skin. It’s also supposed to be ultra-breathable and wicking.

Compression Shirt – The shirt has mesh panels under the arms, at the sides of the hips, and down the middle of the back (you can make them out in the photos). Compression strips/panels are located to provide support for the muscles.

It does feel different from the other compression shirts I’ve used. I have not found a softer, stretchier material in this kind of tactical shirt. It doesn’t bind under the arms or feel restrictive (I wore this while running). I usually run in loose-fitting clothing, as I like to feel airflow.

With the Zensah shirt, I can feel airflow through the fabric as the mesh panels do aid in cooling. I also noticed that the compression panels keep my flab from jiggling as I ran – haha. The wicking ability of the fabric is helped by having full contact at all areas. Can’t wick sweat away if it’s not touching your skin. Definitely the most comfortable compression shirt I’ve used to date. It’s now available in V-neck style in Ranger Green and Tan.


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